Day #26 – 1/28/2014 – A Solution.

[Lab Opening Time: 2:25 PM]

As today’s meeting was held in (arguably) the middle of the week, not too many people could make it (what a shame). Anyhow, here’s the rundown of what…well…went down.

In the Mech Team, they worked on finding a solution to the pickup mechanism’s main problem: bumping into the funnel mech.

In order to solve this problem, they had to remove one wooden support, which reduced the overall frame of the pickup mech down to what is pictured below.

The one support that was removed (right).
The one support that was removed (right).

In other miscellaneous news, members of the business team and our team leader set up a proper file hierarchy for photo storage, thus making the photo-finding process much more streamlined. This development allows the business/media team to be much more efficient when it comes to media management.

Our team’s leader has been working on a new scouting system that will come into play this FRC season. According to him, “progress is coming along swimmingly.” Details TBD. *suspense intensifies*

[Lab Closing Time: 6:45 PM]