Day #27 – 1/31/2014

[Lab Opening Time: 2:25 PM]

In the mechanical team today, members worked on finishing up the pickup mech by completing some final tasks: adding pistons to the final mounting place, and adding stoppers for the pickup.

The finished product was a pickup mech that could lift up (with the pistons at 60 PSI)

Here’s a video of it in action.

Another part of the mechanical team worked on reducing the gear ratio of the CHOO mechanism. Unfortunately while doing so, a master link broke, rendering the chain unusable.

In other miscellaneous news, progress was made in the welding of materials needed for the robot (I need to be specific here).

The beautiful weld.
The beautiful weld.

In addition, the battery holder was being finished up.

2014-01-31 17.57.46

[Lab Closing Time: 9:25 PM]