Day #28 – 2/01/2014

[Lab Opening Time: 8:45 AM]

Today was quite an eventful day.

In terms of events spontaneously occurring, our horizontal bandsaw thought it was a good day to die rather dramatically. First, it blew a puff of white smoke, then it caught fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the fire was extinguished within seconds. A replacement motor was purchased, and then installed afterwards.

In the mech team today, they improved the funnel mechanism. As stated by a senior member, “We made everything less sketchy.” Less sketchy indeed. They replaced materials with “better wood”, and metal plates. While doing so, they also managed to adjust the entire prototype to the “correct height”.

As for the people working on the CHOO mechanism, well…things didn’t go too well for them today. A rope broke, but when they replaced it with a stronger rope, the chain happened to break.

At the moment, the head of the CHOO project believes that the use of a chain just isn’t possible at the moment. Time will tell.

The CHOO mech, in all of its chain-less glory.
The CHOO mech, in all of its chain-less glory.

Mr. Black, the head mentor of our team, with the help of some students, finalized the bumper mount design. Senior members of the team will be welding tonight.

In other news, inventory of the newly-shipped VEX PRO items. Metal was purchased for the making of launcher side, intake, and wing plates.


[Lab Closing Time: 6:45 PM]