Day #29 – 2/02/2014

[Lab opening time: 1:00 PM]

Sadly, not too many students showed up today.

Despite that, worked continued as usual.

In the programming division, the leader set up robot-builder to its fullest potential. After doing so, he set up a function for solenoid shifting, and worked on setting up drive code.
The solenoid-shifting function will have two different speeds: one for the left and one for the right side of the bot. (this function will handle the shifting portion of all of the code)

In the mech team, well…they had it a little rough today. They had to let the CHOO prototype rest in peace, but the CHOO concept itself will be present in the final robot.

RIP CHOO mech.
RIP CHOO prototype. You will (read: won’t) be missed. P.S. We want our broken master links back.

In the pickup prototype sub-division, they installed not-so-first-legal components just to test various aspects of the prototype itself. It was fun to push the limits of the actual prototype, but the illegal components are obviously not going on the final build.Anyhow, members of the mech team braced the corners of the pickup mech so it is more structurally sound.

[Lab Closing Time: 7:30 PM]