Day #37 – 2/10/2014

Lab opening time 10:00 AM

We welded the front funnel assemblies and took all the welded parts including 4 H frames, 3 intakes, 2 front funnels, and 4 side funnels to powder coat.  Powder coat will be done on Wednesday.  On the way back from the Powder Coat shop, we stopped and picked up the launcher plates from our waterjet sponsor.  We drilled, deburred, and scuffed them to prep for anodizing.  Also, we machined the choo-choo link bars, and cut the big launcher tubes in preparation for anodizing.  The launcher solid rods didn’t make it in time for anodizing, so those will have to get polished.

We put in a McMaster order totaling about $1,000 that should include the majority of the remaining fasteners and pneumatic cylinders for both robots.

Here’s some pictures from today:

IMG_20140210_175526IMG_20140210_140216 IMG_20140210_124433 IMG_20140209_195412 IMG_20140209_005530  IMG_20140211_005844IMG_20140211_005949

Lab closing time: 1:30 AM on 2/11/14