Day #39 – 2/12/14

Lab opening time: 1:30 PM

Although today was not a scheduled student meeting day, work still progressed during class and into the evening.  We assembled bearings and standoffs to the Choo-Choo gearbox plates, machined the Choo-Choo output shafts, and cut stock for the launcher shafts (enough for 4 complete launchers).






Over at our sponsor shop Daveco Industries, work proceeded until 11:00 PM where we finished facing off, turning down, and drilling and tapping all 12 launcher shafts.  Polishing is now in process, as shown below, and will be finished tomorrow afternoon.

IMG_20140212_230505We also checked on the status of the gearbox output shafts at another sponsor shop.  They’re coming along quite nicely, and we hope they’ll be done before Friday afternoon.  A current picture of the gearbox output shaft in-progress is shown below.

IMG_20140212_185753Lab closing time 6:00 PM

Extended hours at Daveco – 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM.