Day #41 – 2/14/14

[Lab Opening Time: 3:00 PM]

Today marks yet another Friday, which means that members have more time to complete the robot and its sidekick counterpart.

On the pickup mechanism, we were able to drill holes in for grommets, which assisted us in the wiring process.

A grommet. (the black ring)
A grommet. (the black ring)

Members finished the practice bot after doing the last finishing touch: remounting the pistons on the outside. At the moment, they’re working on the actual robot.

Over in the wiring department, members finished crimping and routing PWM’s, and began crimping solenoid wires [edit: he finished wiring all the solenoid-esque stuff.]

In order to properly manufacture our gearbox output shaft, we had to take it over to a team sponsor to get it milled. The product was made swiftly and without flaws.




[Lab Closing Time: 1:41 AM]