Day #42 – 2/15/14

1-2014-02-15 15.13.05

With the deadline nearing, the mechanical and electrical teams have been hard at work–trying to finish the robots.

Electrical team members wired up encoders and spikes (one for each bot) on both robots. The pressure release valve was also set up, though only on the main robot: the other one will be completed tomorrow.

Two members of the mechanical team were hard at work with the making of spacers. This component (we’re making a sizeable number of them) is vital in order to assemble the drive train gearboxes, which will be done tonight.

2014-02-15 17.14.42-2


In less notable, albeit still team-related news…

  • A mentor picked up a parts order. According to him, we should have exactly enough parts to complete the robot.
  • Two other members of the mech team cut treads for the wheels.
  • Programmers continued work on vision processing for the robot. Currently, they’re fixing bugs that they’ve found in their code.