Day #43 – 2/16/14

Lab opening time: 1:10 PM

We assembled and installed the drive and choo-choo gearboxes. We had to rework the gearbox bearing block by putting it back in the HAAS and taking off about .004″ around it, to fit in the hole in the frame.  The powder coat was thicker than expected in this area.

We made chains, which installed very nicely without issue.

The gearbox JUST BARELY fit into the cutout in the baseplate. Had to bang it in.  All I can say is that if it ever has to come out, “not it.”

We tested the launcher under power and going full speed.  It rewinds in about 0.6 seconds as expected.  With no ball, it launches so violently the battery jumps out of the battery box and unplugs itself. Also, the breakout boards on top of the cRio modules unplug themselves.  Good limiting straps are a definite must, and we should “dry fire” as infrequently as possible.

On the trajectory, the ball was peaking at about 12 feet high, and 12 feet away.  It needs to fly further and not as high (flatter).

Here’s a picture of the robot from 1:00 AM on 2/17/14

IMG_20140217_004308Also, we have underglow:



Lab Closing time: 3:00 AM on 2/17