Day #45 – 2/18/14 – Bag Day!

Lab opening time: 1:30 PM

We weighed the robot on a large accurate digital scale, and it weighed in at 124.3 lbs with all parts including Odroid computer and cameras.  Oops.  We debated for 10 minutes on ways to remove the weight, then ultimately decided to just pull out two of the six CIM motors in the drive system.  The robot will still be plenty fast with 4 CIMs and 2 speeds, and this puts us comfortably 1.3 lbs under the maximum weight limit.  As a bonus, it took only about 1 minute to pull them on both robots.

We got all the pneumatic hoses finished up and side funnels mounted.  During the pressure test, the robot leaked like a sieve due to several hoses not being properly installed.  After correcting all the leaks at 11:25 PM, the robot held pressure just fine.  We got it down to the testing area, and tested the function of all mechanisms as much as we could.  Everything seemed to work, but brake mode is set on the Talons, causing the robot to abruptly come to a halt from high speed, causing it to topple over on its face.  It should be better with bumpers on, but it’s still somewhat concerning.  we were not expecting the CG to be as high as it appears to be.

We bagged at 11:56 PM, with 4 minutes to spare. Here a photo of the robot from about 10 minutes before bagging.

IMG_20140218_233935And here’s a picture of it in the bag. Note the time on the clock on the wall.



Lab closing time: 1:00 AM on 2/19/14