Day #51 – 2/26/14

Lab opening time: 1:30 PM

The mechanical team has been hard at work testing the launcher trajectory with different adjustment devices and methods.  What we’ve determined so far is that we seem to sail the ball right into the goal, from 18 feet away to 4 feet away, with the launcher as-designed, Choo-Choo forward about 2 inches to allow more travel on the mechanism toward the end of the range of motion, and urethane over the back round bar of the launcher.  We are making the shots with a fair consistency, with some variability due to wind when testing outdoors.  So far, we have not had any serious mechanical issues with the design other than shoulder bolts unscrewing themselves over time.

As of this posting, the limit switch mount design is still pending.  We’re having difficulty coming with something rigid enough that interfaces with existing mounting holes.  The limit switch needs to be rigidly mounted on the Choo-Choo to ensure repeatable and safe operation.

The fabrication team decided that the intake would perform better with a rework of the wheel arrangement, which required removing, cutting, and facing off the VexPro Versaplanetary gearboxes.  After completing the rework and testing, we are pleased with the results, and see a noticeable improvement in intake performance.  A picture of the reworked intake wheel arrangement is shown below.


We also took the opportunity to do some lab maintenance items including organizing drill bits into our new Huot dispenser drawers.  They’re quite nice.


Also, our plumbing department installed a 6-stage reverse osmosis and deionizing filter system to our sink area, to prepare ultra-clean water for our HAAS CNC machining center.  We still need to work out some minor leaks.


Finally, the photography and graphics crew finished the vinyl logos and set up to do the robot photo shoot on the seamless backdrop.  This ended up taking much longer than expected, but we think the end result will be worth it.  A picture of the photoshoot setup is shown below.


Lab closing time: 12:30 AM on 2/27/13