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Editorial – 1/06/2014 – Media Team: Hard at Work

Over the last few days, the media team has spent countless hours documenting the overall progress of the team.  Great job everyone! The media team has been hard at work preparing the Kickstarter video for next week’s launch date and preparing the script for the chairman’s award video.  If anyone has any suggestions on what we should include in our chairman’s award video or if anyone would be willing to be interviewed for the chairman’s award please talk to me or Chris Kramer.


Editorial – 1/06/2014 – Great expectations

In the flurry of brainstorming and researching that comes with a new season’s complicated game, it’s pretty easy to forget what a Chairman’s Award is. Even after we finish a robot, we still see Chairman’s as nothing more than a dream, seeing as we haven’t established world peace, developed time travel, or started FIRST teams in any alternate universes.

This year, however, I must raise a radical proposition. This year, Team 696 has a serious chance at winning Chairman’s. We didn’t just do well last year– we excelled at both our regionals, our off-season events, and even brought our Lego robotics teams to the LA Finals. This improvement, this steady upward climb, is what Chairman’s is all about. We have every prerequisite to grab a Chairman’s Award and tickets to the St. Louis finals– all we have to do is keep it up.

For these next six weeks, business team and our glorious President Saikiran will be working behind the scenes to make Chairman’s happen. This may be the most grueling essay we will ever write in high school, but darned if it isn’t worth it.

Keep it up, everybody. St. Louis or bust.