1/31/16 – Sunday – Make it Rain

The day was overcast, with sheets of rain pummeling down from above. There was also a wind, cutting through any jacket in its way. But this weather won’t stop Team 696 from progressing onward with their plans. No weather can, for Robotics is what all the members live and breathe.

After a brief meeting, the team began to work around 1:15. Much had to completed, for a complete Robot Frame was expected to be completed soon for the practice robot. Welding member Roupen was assisted by Vice-President Alexander, President Mika, and mentor Mr. Hoard in this task.

Alexander adding rivets to the Robot Frame with help from Roupen and Mr. Hoard.

Together, they were able to rivet the practice robot frame together. After the rivets were in place, the members also drilled through parts to later add screws.

Roupen helping guide the drill so it goes in straight.

Roupen took the frame to begin welding. He was helped in welding by his assistant Welder, Eden. The whole process went smoothly, leaving very nice looking welds and a sturdy Robot Frame.

Roupen and Eden welding together the Robot Frame.

In the Cinema room, Jacob of Simulation team and his mentor Dr. Stone began computing the calculations they’ve been calculating for the past few months. They made some improvements on frictions and motors, and how many amps the motors will use given as amount of torque, which they can derive from the friction present. They also conducted more research and MATLAB implementation.

Simulation team running their calculations.

Business team had multiple tasks for the day. Nicole vectored the logo for Glendale Education Foundation and worked on making a duplicate copy of the team’s pages at the end of the Design Book. Arvin and Anna finished and finally submitted the Google Grant.

Arvin and Anna finishing the Google Grant while Nicole makes a digital copy of Team 696’s feature in FIRST’s Behind the Design book.

Andrea, also of Business, worked on converting files to svg for the team’s dog tags. These files will allow her to make a template on Adobe Illustrator so she can add the names of members and sub-groups to the dog tags.

Andrea converting files on her computer.

Nanor of CNC Mill team worked on gearbox plates on the Mini Mill with her mentor, Mr. Widholm. Jonna of CAM would write the program needed to manufacture the gearbox plates, and then Nanor would operate the Mill. On the first of ten plates, the part broke the 1/4″ endmill and flew off its clamp and into the HAAS window. What exactly happened isn’t clear, but it was probably not gripped tight enough in the vice.

Nanor readjusting the Mill directly after the incident.

Other CNC Mill member Dustin finished drilling the remaining holes on the front and back robot rails, which he then gave to Welding team. Then, with help from Mr. Widholm, Dustin set up the necessary tools to Mill out step on some vice jaws. They plan to use the setup to hold a large aluminum plate to create part of the Shooting Arm of the robot later.

Dustin cleaning a Mill tool, preparing it to be inserted into the machine.

CAD team has been finalizing the design for the telescoping arms and mounting bracket. Their bumper design had been finishes as well, but they might have to redesign it depending on later testing. Polycarbonate has also been ordered to create the control board, whose design has been finished.

Mikia of CAD creating dimensions for the bumper design.

Karin of Prototype team worked with Jake from Programming team on wiring. Together, they attached the wires which they had already stripped and crimped to the new batteries with nuts bolts. They also had to use a big heat shrink as well. Karin was later pulled aside by Sipan of CAD to finalize spacing of the control board buttons relative to her finger positions.

Karin and Jake attaching wires to the batteries.

James of CAM spent the day creating shooter side plates and bumper support reinforcements on his computer.

James formatting files.

Mika, our Shining President made a purchasing list for Mr. Black to look to when purchasing orders for the team. She also helped Alexander, Roupen, and Mr. Hoard in constructing the Robot Frame. Prior to welding, it weighed 9.1 lbs.

Robot Frame after being drilled, riveted, and even welded.

Alexander, our Sparkling Vice-President watched over the activities of the day, knowing that an order was placed to McMaster, West Coast Products, B&B Manufacturing, and Sailrite for parts. Thanks in part to him, the practice drive base was also assembled and began to be welded.

Among numerous other accomplishments, the batteries were reorganized on their shelf. One of the new charges also got SB50 connectors crimped on.

Very neat looking row of reorganized batteries.

Mr. Black conducted all the orderings of the day. Parts were ordered from McMaster and West Coast Products. All KOP voucher products were also ordered. Greyhill encoders were ordered from Digikey for the transmissions, and the network switch was ordered from Amazon. Mr. Black also installed a hook near the welding station in the garage for C-clamps to hang off of. He also assisted Jake and Karin in installing battery cables and Jake with installing Anderson Powerpole SB50 connectors to the new DualPro RS3 battery charger.

Mr. Black showing Jake what to do.

The lab closed sharply at 11:00 PM.

1/30/16 – Saturday – Wired

The day had just begun, it was 9:00 AM, and members stood idly by in the lab. Itching to get to work, they first attended the meeting.

Meeting prior work.

It was during this that Nanor, rookie and CNC Mill member, received the Platinum Wrench Award (formerly Golden Wrench Award) for her outstanding work on the Router.

Nanor showing the award in front of the Router.

Simulation member Jacob finally rooted out the last of his numerical errors, and now his calculations match up to about how they are in real-world scenarios. With this done, he entered the numbers into MATLAB as a polynomial equation. They used this to figure out other output numbers so there’s no need to make individual measurements anymore. After this, Jacob took more measurements to find the coefficient of friction of launching the ball from the shooting mechanism.

Jacob and Dr. Stone taking measurements of where the ball would be shot from.

Lousaper of Lathe team made gearbox standoffs on the Lathe.

Lousaper on the Lathe.

Programming member Daniel worked on the Drive Base and the code that will keep the motors from damaging themselves while stalling. Jake worked with Mr. Black to wire the batteries and he worked on a fully tele-operated control of Snapdragon. John worked on a code that should make Snapdragon move a given number of feet autonomously.

The materials Jake and Mr. Black had to work with.

Arvin of the Business team continued his work on the Woodie Flowers Submission as well as the Chairman’s Award questions. Nicole, fellow Business member, worked on the Brand Guide.

Around 12:00, lunch was brought out. For today the team ate delicious hamburgers, freshly made. It was so good.

Members adding condiments to their burgers.

CNC Mill member Nanor won the Platinum-Wrench Award, then Routed out the second Base Plate with James of CAM. During this, Dustin and Mr. Widholm worked on the Side Rails. The CAM program had a minor flaw in it, and it messed up two of the parts before they restarted with two new pieces. After this, Mr. Widholm helped Dustin start the Cross Rails for the front and back of the robot. They pocketed one side of the rails with triangles and drilled the other sides, breaking an end Mill in the process. Reason being was the spindle speed for one pocket was 1/10th the speed of what it should’ve been.

Nanor showing the finished Base Plate in front of the Router.

Animation team member Anthony C. spent the day testing both rendering methods, making identical stills with each. He also made a CAD room inquiry and I Ray rendering is favored over Mental Ray. Christopher looked for materials for their secret project.

Animation team working on their tasks.

Welding team mainly waited for parts to be machined for them to weld afterwards. So Eden helped construct more Castle Tower sides while Roupen filed down the electronics plate to reduce the chance of cuts due to burrs. The team received a new shipment of filler rods, but they were covered in some kind of black tar, so Mr. Black called McMaster and a new shipment is being sent out to us.

Roupen filing down the electronics plate.

Mika, our Consecrated President was busy with cutting and sanding and filing really complex parts. After the Router had its way with the Base Plate, Mika took it and sanded down the edges so it wouldn’t be as sharp and dangerous to users holding it.

Mika sanding down edges.

She also was assisted by Karin of Prototyping team in tapping the holes in the Base Plate.

Mika and Karin tapping holes.

Alexander, our Sanctified Vice-President has over-watched the finalization of the shooting design as it was sent to the CAM team. He has calculated that the entire shooter/claw mechanism should be under 10 lbs. By the end of the work-day, the team has a solid idea of what the entire robot will look like, and it looks good. Alexander and Mika plan to order every needed bolt from McMaster by tomorrow, as well as another VexPro order and B&B Manufacturing and others. Mika, Karin, and Alexander worked on assembling one side of the drive train to see what the belt tension will be. They’ve determined that they’ll need a custom tensioner that is spring loaded form the findings. Alexander has also been working with the Programming team to ensure there’s room to place all needed sensors on the robot and said room is already in the designed robot. Work in CAD on the telescoping arms has been done, and the design for the primary arm structure is in work as well.

Mr. Black picked up some aluminum from Industrial Metal Supply in Sun Valley for the team. He also reviewed the Google Grant application that Arvin and Anna in Business room had completed. Mr. Black worked with Lousaper on the Lathe to produce tapped standoffs and with Jake and Karin to manufacture battery cables. At one point, he witnessed both HAAS Mills and Tormach Lathe running at the same time, a milestone to how far members have become at operating these machines properly.

Aluminum from Industrial Metal Supply.

The lab closed at 11:00 PM this night.

1/29/16 – Friday – Tapping Out

First things first, the team assembled around 3:10 to partake in the daily meeting where they’d get their goals and such. Today, the team would stay until 9:00 or later, and all members loved hearing this for it meant more time to work.

Morning meeting led by Alexander and Mika.

Right off the bat Luke of Web started to work on the Chairman’s Award Video storyboard. He conceptualized and began writing the first draft of the script with help from Maggy – a fellow Clark student who’d later help with the Lincoln Science Fair.

Maggy and Luke working on the Chairman’s Award Video script.

Business member Andrea continued working on the team’s dog tags. She also spent some time working on the cover of the Alumni Book on Adobe. Nicole spent the day working on the Brand Guide while Arvin and Anna wrote the Woodie Essay.

Business members working in the Business Room.

Welding member Roupen continued running tests on the prototype shooter and was able to weld a test piece of the robot’s bumper supports.

Roupen helping Daniel work on the Prototype shooter.

Not liking the results, Roupen looked into a better way to create supports. Other member Eden worked on the Castle and continued practicing to weld.

Eden helping Programmer Meetkumar construct the Castle Tower.

Jacob of Simulation worked with Dr. Stone in measuring the compression of the ball when in the intake. They then took measurements using weights on the two intake wheels to see how much it compresses at given weights. Jacob can take the data and find out how much force the motors would need to launch the balls with precision and accuracy.

Jacob and Dr. Stone working on calculations.

Lathe member Lousaper has spent the past days working on the Lathe to finish parting the drive shafts. Now she was helped by Mr. Black to tap the drive axles. During so, they ended up breaking three separate taps. The first was due to operator error, but the next two was due to chip load and the depth of cut. Finally, they settled on a spiral point tap, finding it’s much stronger than a spiral flute tap. With it they were able to produce much better results in the 7075 aluminum axles and re-manufacture two axles after they’re scrapped (due to broken taps).

Lousaper learning how to operate the HAAS Mini Mill 2.

Mr. Black also installed hooks to hang Band Saw blades from in the Inventory Room, and one hook to hold C-clamps off of in the Drill Press Room.

As this day ran late, members ate marvelous pizza.

Alexander, our extraordinary Vice-President began the design of the actual robot shooting and intake mechanism. He has decided there will be two 775pro motors used in the shooter, one on top and one on bottom, having individual control of each. Each motor has a single stage of belt reduction at a ratio of 12:45, and maximum RPM is just under 5,000 theoretically. Alexander also made sure any parts CAD or CAM makes is made how it was designed, so he makes checks on manufactured parts.

The lab closed really late, or early depending on how you look at it at 2:05 AM. In less than seven hours, the lab will open again.

1/28/16 – Thursday – Router no Plasma

The clock read 3:10 while members of Team 696 Robotics assembled in the lab to listen to Mr. Black and Mika. As always, the team held daily meeting that were held, well, daily. During these they were given updates on their overall work, new information, and their goals of the day to strive to accomplish.

Mr. Black and Mika talking to the students.

CNC Mill member Nanor helped CAM member James with drilling holes into the Base Plates. Due to the Plasma Cutter warping the metal, the pair were forced to use the Router to cut out the Base Plates. For the day, they were able to finish up two of the three Base Plates, but the holes don’t exactly line up as wanted. James then began programming tool-paths to be able to use only the Router to cut the entire Base Plate.

DSC_0014 (2)
James and Nanor showing Mika how they’ll use the Router to create the new base plates.

Andrea of Business team worked on the creation of a new Alumni Book. She researched and brainstormed ideas and even began to create the cover art using Adobe Illustrator. Andrea also started to work on creating the team’s dog tags. Nicole continued working on the Brand Guide as well as helping Andrea understand how to navigate Adobe Illustrator. Nicole additionally asked Mr. Hoard to make revisions to the Brand Guide. Other members Arvin and Anna continued working on the Woody Flowers essay.

Nicole helping Andrea on the computer.

CNC Mill member Dustin worked on creating the side rails for the robot. Needing to Mill steps into the vice jaws and face the top of them, Dustin went to CAM member Jonna to write up a program for it. After this, Roupen of Welding worked with to Dustin prepare for the next CNC operations. Roupen helped Dustin socket the correct tools and set up the vices for when it will be used. After preparing to cut one of the side rails, they realized the machine range was too small. All left to do now is to split the four existing CAM programs for the rails into eight.

Roupen and Dustin being assisted by Mr. Widholm while checking the Mill’s program.

The lab closed close to 7:00. Early in the meeting Mr. Black was called away to attend the Montrose-Verdugo Chamber of Commerce Recognition dinner to receive the Educator of the Year award.

1/26/16 – Tuesday – All About That Base

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While much was done this day, relatively speaking, very little was accomplished sadly. Of course, there was a meeting to start off the work-day, this took place around 3:10 after school had ended.

Alexander, Mika, and Mr. Hoard talking with the rest of the team.

After members broke off to start their own tasks of the day, Alexander and mentors examined the Base Plate that had been previously warped from the Plasma Cutter. To straighten it, they had clamped it down before using the Plasma Cutter. Sadly, the Router would mess up with even the smallest of warping present, so the team was forced to scrap these Base Plates and just use the Router instead of the Plasma Cutter. Lesson learned is that the Plasma Cutter will warp thin sheets of metal, making it unwise to then use the Router on.

Alexander and mentors examining base plate.

Mika, our fantastic President pulled aside Welders Roupen and Eden, Programmer Meetkumar, and Prototyping member Devon. She then gave them their assignment and sent them on their way.

Mika talking with Roupen, Eden, Devon, and Meetkumar.

Dustin and Nanor of CNC Mill helped Jonna of CAM cut out the second Base Plate on the Plasma Cutter. They’d later find out that it could not be used as it was warped and therefor couldn’t go on the Router. After this, Nanor and Dustin set up the tools to Mill the robot frame. They plan to run four separate programs for each side of the robot’s aluminum bars.

Dustin checking the Mill’s programs.

Progamming team member Bhavin worked on getting the camera to work across the network by solving complex algorithms.

Bhavin showing Meetkumar his program.

Jake, another member, focused on learning more about how to program the robot. Other member Daniel worked with Prototyping member Karin on laying out the operator controls. Together, Daniel and Karin designed the operator panel.

Telyarm = Telescoping Arm. Pivyarm = Pivoting Arm. Circles = Buttons. Rectangles = Switches (with 2-3 positions).

Eden of Welding practiced welding with 1/16″ 1 by 1 box-tube. Roupen experimented with different amperage to try getting the best welds on 1/8″ box-tube.

Business team member Nicole finished working on the Brand Guide. Other member Andrea worked on collecting light bulbs and working on her button design. After much work, she believes she has the finished design. Anna finished the Google grant while Arvin finished the Chairman’s essay.

Business members Nicole and Andrea working on their computers.

Animation member Christopher kept working on the robot’s animation with a new objective brought to the table. He’s hoping for something resembling the CSI Miami main theme and an escape scene.

Team 696’s Stronghold/lab closed at 7:20 PM.

1/24/16 – Sunday – Hope You Like Jammin’ Too

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Members shuffled into the lab Sunday afternoon at around 1:00. They stood still, listening tentatively to their leaders as members were given their daily objectives.

DSC_0015 (5)
Meeting where team members learn their daily objectives.

Jonna of CAM designed the side bars for the robot. She also used the Plasma Cutter to cut out the Drive Base. However, the metal for the Drive Base was not supported properly and the Base warped as it was heated up. The team was able to straighten up the metal later using clamps.

Warped Drive Base.

James, the other CAM member completed a simulation of the wheel hub in the Inventor HSM program.

Wheel Hub simulation.

CNC members Nanor and Dustin drilled and tapped blocks of plastic that Mr. Widholm cut out from the Mill. They then ran James’ CAM project through the Mill – creating the wheel spokes. Nanor and Dustin took Lousaper’s Lathed wheel hubs and placed them into the Mill. Each run takes approximately 12 minutes. The pair completed 10 parts.

Members and mentors watching the Mill run.

The amazingly handsome Blogger and Photographer Samuel spent much of the time taking pictures of the milled and lathed wheel hubs.

Photographer Samuel taking spectacular photos.

Prototype members Lauren and Devon helped Programmer Daniel in getting the prototype shooting mechanism to accurately shoot into the High Goal. They were assisted by Photographer Samuel and his graceful mentor Mariam.

Mika, our brilliant President spent her time cutting up the base frame. She also helped VP Alexander with the parts purchasing list.

By the end of the day, the robot frame pieces were cut, driver axles were set up on the CNC Lathe, and final edits were made to the robot base on CAD.  It was around 11:00 when almost all members finally headed home, but Mr. Black remained at the lab.

Prior to after everyone went home, Mr. Black verified the operations and setup for the wheel hub milling. This was very important because this meant members could now Mill the wheel hubs after the Lathe had its way with them.

Verification sheets.

All the milling actually ended up jamming the Super Mini Mill 2’s chip auger. This was the reason Mr. Black stayed behind after everyone else had left, he had to clean out the machine. Taking a whopping two hours to finish, the lab technically closed at 1:15 AM, with one tired Mr. Black and one unjammed Super Mini Mill 2.

The jammed chip auger of Mini Mill 2.

1/23/16 – Saturday – Expo Day and Mountain Ave. Science Fair

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While Clark’s Expo Day didn’t start until 11:00, Team 696 members arrived at Clark in their team shirts and black slacks before 9:00 AM. Expo Day is very important for showing what type of high school Clark Magnet is to parents and prospective students. While there are many classes and courses that are open to visitors, Team 696’s lab is the main attraction to many. Clark’s Expo Day even made the news on LA Times!

Shortly after 9:00, Business member Andrea designed and printed out flyers to guide parents and students to the lab.

Prior to 11:00, team members helped position multiple robots from past competitions throughout the school. Two members would stand with each robot to explain to guests what Team 696 was and to answer any questions. If prompted, which was often, one member would also lead intrigued guests to our Robotic’s lab where other members were waiting to give a tour of the lab.

Members Jonna and Anthony C. answering questions for two guests.

The lab was filled with excited parents being pulled forth by their children. With so much going on, many 696 members were available to explain what transpires in the lab to anyone that wished to know.

Sipan explained the Swerve Drive, a type of wheel mechanism designed and created by a past Team 696 member.

Sipan explaining the Swerve Drive to a parent and his child.

Mikia was in charge of 3D printing 696 dog-tags for the guests, so he would explain the steps taken when 3D printing objects. He also elaborated on how a mechanism is created.

Mikia showing an object printed from the lab’s 3D printers.

Lousaper was in charge of running the Lathe. She would place aluminum cylinders inside of the machine, and run a program to sculpt the first parts of a wheel hub from the cylinders.

Lousaper displaying the Lathed part to impressed guests.

Mika walked around the lab with guests, showing them our many machines and explaining their functions. She also talked in-depth on how members were chosen to be part of the team.

Team 696 President Mika talking with a father and his two daughters on how Clark students get into Robotics.

A very popular attraction was the driving of Snapdragon. Taking place right outside of the lab, people gathered around to watch our 2014 robot Snapdragon throw a ball and chase it down. Some lucky spectators were even able to participate in this event!

After Clark’s Expo Day came to an end, and all parents and students long headed back home, Team 696 members remained behind to clean up their school and the lab. At around 4:00, Mr. Hoard and four members loaded Snapdragon into his truck and drove over to Mountain Ave.’s Science Fair.

Team 696’s appearance at the Science Fair has been a long-kept tradition of the team and a favorite event with the children. Their joyful screams filled the air as they waited for the ball to get launched their way. They’d scramble to get it, then race to replace it back into Snapdragon.

The only thing the children loved more than catching the ball flung from Snapdragon was being able to actually drive it themselves. Team 696 member Daniel and Driver of Snapdragon explained to each student how to control the robot. Their faces could hardly contain their wide smiles.

A collective sigh spread around when it was time for Snapdragon and Team 696 to pack up and return to Clark. Promising to return the next year, Team 696 members loaded Snapdragon back in the truck and drove back to their lab.

During and between the Clark Expo and Mountain Ave.’s Science Fair, Team 696 members were hard at work as any workday.

Roupen of Welding advanced the prototyping shooting mechanism by adding encoders to each shaft. These will allow the team to get an accurate measurement of how fast the wheels are turning. Roupen then asked Programming member Daniel to write a program to remote-control the motors. They then began to wire the encoders using QHR as a base. Other Welding member Eden helped out CAM.

Andrea of Business has very nearly finished the button design for the team and Nicole completed the Logo section in the Brand Guide.

CNC Mill team was plenty busy as well throughout Expo Day, explaining the process of what they do with the Mill to visitors. Dustin also explained how the design of a CAD model gets transferred to the Mill and out comes a part. After Expo Day ended, both members Dustin and Nanor used the Mini Mill 2 in order to cut out parts that will be attached to the gearbox. They started by cutting out rectangles on the Plasma Cutter with help from CAM member Jonna, then put the parts into the Mll to drill it using Jonna’s CAM program. Together, the trio made over 10 parts.

Some other major accomplishments of the day include how the final drive base design was finished, and the frame will start to be manufactured tomorrow. Another big deal was how the wheel hub stock was cut out on the Horizontal Band Saw then put through the Lathe whilst the Mill portion was finalized in CAM.

Today, the lab closed at 10:30 PM.

1/22/16 – Friday – Clean Hubs

As it was a minimum day, Team 696 met at the lab at 1:00 ready to work until 9:00 the earliest. Of course, Mr. Black, Mika, and Alexander began the work-day off with a meeting. The main purpose of today’s meeting was to prepare the members for all the guests the lab would receive on Expo Day.

Mr. Black preparing the members for Expo Day.

To fully prepare the members to answer parents’ questions, the team performed small skits where one person would be the Team 696 member and the other a parent attending the Expo. It was very humorous indeed, but really taught the members how to properly act in that situation.

Anna pretending to be a parent attending Clark Expo while Mr. Black acted as a Team 696 member.

During the meeting, Luke of Web showed everyone how to use the email sign-up website. He had created it for parents to put in their email and sign-up for Team 696 Robotics’ mail list easily and quickly.

Luke showing everyone where the page was and how to operate it.

Simulation team member Jacob spent the rest of the day gathering parameters that he’ll  need for future calculations. As the ball is going to be compressed in the flywheel mechanism, Jacob got some weights and placed them on top of the ball to see how much it’s compressed depending on the weights.

Jacob of Simulation taking a small stretch-break before sitting back down to continue calculations.

Over on Welding, Eden improved Obstacles and also cleaned up the lab for Expo Day. Member Roupen attached a piston to the prototype shooter mechanism. It is now able to shoot an object 12 feet.

Eden cutting up some wood to fortify Obstacles.

Andrea of Business team worked on her vinyling skills. She learned how to properly set up the vinyl in Signblazer – a major accomplishment. Andrea also kept working on the Stronghold button design as well.

Andrea designing the team’s button for this year’s competition.

CNC Mill member Dustin tore off old supports for the triangular batter ramps as they were poor and couldn’t support much weight. Then, with help from Welding member Eden and Prototype member Devon, Dustin rebuilt new supports out of large blocks of wood that’re much better than before. Dustin then remade a list of materials needed to finish the batter and third Castle Tower and gave it to Mr. Black. He then ran the spindle warm-up program on the Mini Mill 2 and let other CNC Mill member Nanor run a part.

Dustin, Devon, and Eden creating better and stronger Batter Ramps.

For dinner, Jacob and his family brought everyone delicious sushi rolls and dumplings. Sadly, there are no pictures to document this as the Photographer Samuel was out getting his haircut. He’d come back with less hair, but no sushi in his stomach. Yet he’d still write all about it in the blog as his other duty as Blogger.

Mika, our Pragmatic President, spent much of the day finishing preparations for Expo such as planning what goes where and when. She also cut stock for the Lathe and cleaned up the lab for Expo Day.

Mr. Black, his brother Mr. Black, and Mr. Hoard leveling some stock for the Lathe so that Mika can begin cutting it.

The lab closed at 12:30 AM. By then, the Lathe had cut some wheel-hubs and was ready to cut even more the following day for Clark Expo. Also, a safe-mode had been programmed for Snapdragon where the robot’s speed is lowered and the shooter is disabled. This will come in handy for Expo so people other than Team 696 Driving team members can drive the robot without posing a threat.

First step in making the wheel-hub – already cut by Lathe.

1/21/16 – Thursday – I Believe I Can Fly

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Lego Robotics members from Lincoln Elementary came to tour Team 696’s lab today. Arriving around 3:00, the students entered excitedly into the lab. They first listened to Mika talk about the team and what goes on in the lab, using Centurion as a focal talking point.

Mika talking with Lincoln students about Centurion.

After touring through the programming room, the students then filled the computer room where CAD and CAM teams usually worked. Here Mr. Black told them what goes on, showing them the two flat screen televisions overhead.

Mr. Black then led the Lincoln students into the work-floor, where the HAAS machines were. Amazed by the fantastic and large machinery, the Lincoln children were ecstatic to be able to partake in the operation of the powerful machines.

At last, the moment they all longed for was finally here. It was time to drive the robot. Lining up outside, Team 696 Vice-President Alexander worked one-on-one with each Lincoln student, showing them how to properly handle Snapdragon.

Feeling excited and trembling from happiness, the Lincoln students left Clark Magnet’s Robotics’ lab. Never before had they been so sure of what high school they wished to attend. From what they experienced today, all wished to attend Clark Magnet.

Following the Lab tour, the robotics meeting began. Starting off with a team meeting led by Mika and Alexander, members listened to what needed to be done for the rest of the day.

Team members listening careful to their all-mighty leaders.

Shortly after this meeting, the individual sub-teams split apart like a bag of marbles being dropped off a table. Mika met with the members who would be working on everything prototype.

Mika talking with members on their tasks for the day.

Over in the Cinema class one will find Jacob of Simulation team hard at work. For today he looked mainly into the motor as he needs to understand the motors of the flywheel launcher to properly understand how the battery level will affect the RPM of the wheels. And so Mr. Black let the Prototyping team know about a “closed loop encoder.” The closed loop encoder is something that takes the voltage of the robot into account when outputting the RPM, so the RPM doesn’t change along with the charge of the battery. They also discussed Euler equations.

Roupen of Welding team configured the flywheel prototype using different sized balls. Managing to shoot 25 balls and only 3 missing, Roupen, Leaders Mika and Alexander, CNC Mill member Nanor, and Programmer Meetkumar hand-fed balls into the shooter. They also tried adapting a piston feeding method but it didn’t bode well. The group plans to improve the design tomorrow.

Andrea of Business worked on the Stronghold Team button deigns using Adobe Illustrator. Besides learning how to setup and fix the Makerbots, she also helped Anna vinyl. Nicole spent the day determining the measurements and angles of Team 696’s logo for the Brand Guide. She used a team t-shirt as a reference point.

CAD member Mikia checking the 3D printer’s progress.

Prototype members Karin and Lauren measured the exact weights and diameters of all 6 new balls and the ball received in the Kit of Parts.

Bhavin of Programming team resolved issues the team was presented with when using GRIP. He also researched potential low-cost alternatives to the current cameras and ways to adapt it for the robot during competition. Fellow Programming members Jake and John worked on getting Snapdragon’s low-gear program working to use on Expo Day. They hope that by using the slow-mode people can see the motors and mechanisms in work.

Programming team programming programs.

Jonna and James of CAM worked on CAM for the entire day. James made a wheel hub adapter for the drive tires whilst Jonna made bracket to mount the gearbox on.

CNC Lathe member Lousaper went over a program for the new wheel hub and plans on using the Lathe for it soon.

CNC Mill member Dustin began building the bottom of the Castle Tower, but didn’t have enough wood to finish. He then helped Prototype member Devon on finding materials to complete the Castle Tower.

Animation team members Anthony C. and Christopher started working on the robot’s main animation. They’ve set up the render farm and began preparing for issues that might come up later.

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