1/21/16 – Thursday – I Believe I Can Fly

Lego Robotics members from Lincoln Elementary came to tour Team 696’s lab today. Arriving around 3:00, the students entered excitedly into the lab. They first listened to Mika talk about the team and what goes on in the lab, using Centurion as a focal talking point.

Mika talking with Lincoln students about Centurion.

After touring through the programming room, the students then filled the computer room where CAD and CAM teams usually worked. Here Mr. Black told them what goes on, showing them the two flat screen televisions overhead.

Mr. Black then led the Lincoln students into the work-floor, where the HAAS machines were. Amazed by the fantastic and large machinery, the Lincoln children were ecstatic to be able to partake in the operation of the powerful machines.

At last, the moment they all longed for was finally here. It was time to drive the robot. Lining up outside, Team 696 Vice-President Alexander worked one-on-one with each Lincoln student, showing them how to properly handle Snapdragon.

Feeling excited and trembling from happiness, the Lincoln students left Clark Magnet’s Robotics’ lab. Never before had they been so sure of what high school they wished to attend. From what they experienced today, all wished to attend Clark Magnet.

Following the Lab tour, the robotics meeting began. Starting off with a team meeting led by Mika and Alexander, members listened to what needed to be done for the rest of the day.

Team members listening careful to their all-mighty leaders.

Shortly after this meeting, the individual sub-teams split apart like a bag of marbles being dropped off a table. Mika met with the members who would be working on everything prototype.

Mika talking with members on their tasks for the day.

Over in the Cinema class one will find Jacob of Simulation team hard at work. For today he looked mainly into the motor as he needs to understand the motors of the flywheel launcher to properly understand how the battery level will affect the RPM of the wheels. And so Mr. Black let the Prototyping team know about a “closed loop encoder.”┬áThe closed loop encoder is something that takes the voltage of the robot into account when outputting the RPM, so the RPM doesn’t change along with the charge of the battery. They also discussed Euler equations.

Roupen of Welding team configured the flywheel prototype using different sized balls. Managing to shoot 25 balls and only 3 missing,┬áRoupen, Leaders Mika and Alexander, CNC Mill member Nanor, and Programmer Meetkumar hand-fed balls into the shooter. They also tried adapting a piston feeding method but it didn’t bode well. The group plans to improve the design tomorrow.

Andrea of Business worked on the Stronghold Team button deigns using Adobe Illustrator. Besides learning how to setup and fix the Makerbots, she also helped Anna vinyl. Nicole spent the day determining the measurements and angles of Team 696’s logo for the Brand Guide. She used a team t-shirt as a reference point.

CAD member Mikia checking the 3D printer’s progress.

Prototype members Karin and Lauren measured the exact weights and diameters of all 6 new balls and the ball received in the Kit of Parts.

Bhavin of Programming team resolved issues the team was presented with when using GRIP. He also researched potential low-cost alternatives to the current cameras and ways to adapt it for the robot during competition. Fellow Programming members Jake and John worked on getting Snapdragon’s low-gear program working to use on Expo Day. They hope that by using the slow-mode people can see the motors and mechanisms in work.

Programming team programming programs.

Jonna and James of CAM worked on CAM for the entire day. James made a wheel hub adapter for the drive tires whilst Jonna made bracket to mount the gearbox on.

CNC Lathe member Lousaper went over a program for the new wheel hub and plans on using the Lathe for it soon.

CNC Mill member Dustin began building the bottom of the Castle Tower, but didn’t have enough wood to finish. He then helped Prototype member Devon on finding materials to complete the Castle Tower.

Animation team members Anthony C. and Christopher started working on the robot’s main animation. They’ve set up the render farm and began preparing for issues that might come up later.

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