2/28/16 – Sunday – Carts

Programming team member Bhavin worked on getting output from the axis camera so the Team could visually see off of the Robot. Other member Daniel worked on getting the Shooter to work both on intake and outtake.

Business member Nicole finished the Brand Guide design.

Mr. Black submitted a DonorsChoose project for the scouting tablets. He also modified the AutoMeter BusPro 660 chargers in order for them to fit the new battery cart. Mr. Black additionally finished welding the battery cart for the pit area.

The lab closed at around 9:00 PM.

2/27/16 – Saturday – Gas Shock

Jake of Programming team worked on bin organization. He also helped setup the practice field and began planning the code for the Robot.

Business team member Nicole revised the Brand Guide as well as the Alumni Book.

James of CAM team worked on the Router today. He was able to make some “stop plates” for Mr. Larson using polycarbonate.

Mr. Black installed Windows updates to the new Programming team’s laptops and created a backup image. He also drove to Santa Fe Springs to pick up parts from McMaster Carr. These parts will be used to mount a gas shock to the Arm. Mr. Black then determined optimal placement, and designed, manufactured, then installed the mount and gas shock. The 40 lbs of 8.27″ stroke gas shock improves the motion and control of the Robot Arm by acting as a counterweight.

The lab closed at 9:00 PM.

2/26/16 – Friday – Laptops

Team 696 had a couple of visitors today. One was from the Gene Haas Foundation while the other was from Edge Factor. They were given a tour of the lab and met some members along the way.

Mr. Black, Mika, and Alexander explaining this years competition to the visitors.

After the guests left, Team 696 started their day off with a meeting. Members were told the schedule and what should be done. Teams set off to accomplish their tasks shortly thereafter.

Mika and Alexander leading the meeting.

Lousaper of the Lathe team helped setup the drive field in the gym.

Luke of Web and Clark student Maggy looked over the Chairman’s Video Script that Samuel came up with.

Luke and Maggy helping Samuel with the Chairman’s Video.

Business member Andrea worked on the Alumni Book. She also began working on the CNC Router.

Team members ate pizza for dinner as they stayed later than 6 at Clark.

Members grabbing pieces of pizza to eat.

Programming member Daniel worked on the Shooter on the Practice Robot. Other member Bhavin worked on vision processing whilst John and Jake helped set up the field.

Daniel working with Alexander and Anthony C. on getting the Practice Robot to work.

Mr. Black installed SSDs and Windows 7 to the new laptops for the Programming team.

Mr. Black assembling the computer for the Programming team.

The lab closed at 10:30 PM.

2/25/16 – Thursday – Business

With Bag Day over and done with, members still met on Thursday to continue working. Quickly after the morning meeting, some members moved the bagged Competition Robot to the Programming Room.

Members attending the morning meeting.

The team also brought out the Practice Robot to work on getting it to run. With the Competition Robot in the bag, this Practice Robot will allow the members to see what works and what doesn’t.

Alexander and Anthony C. moving the robots.

Business member Nicole revised the Brand Guide. Other Business member Andrea worked on applying vinyl to the Suburban.

Business team working hard in the Business Room.

Lathe member Lousaper spent the day without her Lathe. Instead, she helped bring the entire drive field from the cafetorium to the gym.

Lousaper helping other members with the drive field set up.

Mr. Black machined and broached three steel sprockets. He learned that steel sprockets can be harden which makes them impossible to broach. The 1/2″ hex broach got stuck, even with a 4-foot cheater pipe on the arbor press handle. So Mr. Black pressed it out, then machined a 1/2″ hex to .505 from flat to flat on the Haas Super Mini Mill 2 using a 1/4″ 4-flute endmill, and then took it back to the broach, and was able to broach it much easier.

Mr. Black discovered that the HSS tools would be destroyed by hardened steel sprockets but not carbide.

The lab closed at 7:15 PM.

2/23/16 – Tuesday – Bag Day

It was the big day! The moment everyone was waiting for. Bag Day had finally arrived, the day where – at midnight – the team would have to put their Robot into a bag until Competition.

Needless to say, everyone was pretty excited. After the briefing meeting, members split off to finish their assigned tasks.

Members meeting right before they start working.

Lousaper made some spacers for the Winch and Telescoping Arms on the CNC Lathe. She then helped clean the drive field in the cafetorium.

Lousaper making some spacers on the CNC Lathe.

Programming members Bhavin and Daniel worked on getting the code ready to test on the Competition Robot. Other members Jake and John helped set up the drive field. Jake also ran some battery tests.

DSC_0001 (2)
Field getting set up.

James of CAM finished the Operator Control Panel. The entire creation of it, from CAD to the countersinks were all him.

Business team member Nicole finished the black and pink t-shirt designs and the rough draft of the Business Plan Design.

Business team typing away in the Business Room.

For dinner the team got chili. It was quite good.

Delicious chili.

Andrea ordered buttons and helped Arvin and Anna with putting vinyl on the suburban.

Arvin making sure the vinyl is straight.

Karin of Prototype team helped Mr. Larson with cutting and bending the polycarbonate that will become the sponsor panels.

Karin and Mr. Larson cutting up the polycarbonate sheets.

Mr. Black spent some time to review the t-shirt design then order quantities. He then polished the driver’s side of the Suburban to help the Business team apply the vinyl logos. After this, Mr. Black helped get the Competition as ready as the team could before bagging it.

Bagged robot.

The lab closed at 1:00 AM.


2/22/16 – Monday – Two Mentors

This day was not an official work day, and so no members went to the lab. But nonetheless the lab opened around 9:00 PM. Mr. Black and Mr. Hoard had a goal in mind – to fashion a ratchet mechanism to lock the Arm during the hanging part of the Competition.

The dynamic duo had a fully designed solution by 12:00 AM with a Mounting Bracket fabricated via Plasma Cutting. Before leaving, a McMaster order was placed for some cylinders and screws that’s expected to arrive by 5:00 PM on Bag Day.

Ratchet mechanism installed on the Robot.

The lab closed around 12:15.

2/21/16 – Sunday – Vinyl and Donuts

The last official meet day before Build End or Bag Day, members were on edge to complete their tasks. Business member Anna continued her vinyl work. She was able to finish one side of the Suburban with help from Arvin, another Business member. Other Business member Nicole was too sick to come today, but she worked on the Business Plan Design from home.

Arvin and Anna working on adding vinyl sponsorship logos to a side of the Team’s Suburban.

Jacob of Simulation team worked with his mentor Dr. Stone for the day. They worked mainly in the Cinema room. Jacob was able to finish some formatting and proofreading of his documentation.

There were some snacks brought for the members later into the meeting. Delicious cold pastries, donuts, and brownies were given out. Slightly chilled, these products contained a sweet filling.

Table full of drinks and pastries for the Team.

Lousaper, member of Lathe team, continued to make miscellaneous spacers that could be used in generic places on the Robot. She also assisted in the clean-up in the gym.

Lousaper preparing her Lathe for an operation run.

CAM member James helped CAD member Mikia, Welder Roupen, and Mr. Najarian. Together the trio assembled the Prototype Bumper. James then began to CAM possible the last part he’ll create this year.

James and Mikia cutting out the needed materials.

Mr. Black machined pulleys for the Winch Cable.

The newly machined parts done by Mr. Black.

He then installed chains to the Arm and Winch mechanisms and also CAM programmed the Gearbox Brace.

More freshly machined parts.

The lab closed at 12:55 AM.

2/20/16 – Saturday – Field Duty

Programming team members were busy doing separate tasks. Jake worked on the Team’s batteries – testing them and making certain they were in peak condition. Bhavin and Daniel continued to program different parts of the Robot. They also worked on tuning a control for turning on the Practice Robot and tuning the controls for the Pivoting Arm that will be on the Robot. After this, Daniel tried something new and worked on soldering some motors for the Competition Robot.

Daniel and Bhavin looking through their codes.

Jacob of Simulation team worked with Dr. Stone in the Cinema room as usual. With some assistance, Jacob was able to recreate some data for the documentation. He also fixed some formatting before departing for the day.

Simulation team hard at work on their MATLAB simulation runs.

CNC Mill team member Dustin finished three parts with help from CAM member Jonna. Dustin first manufactured out shoulder joints or “socks” from three pieces of stock using tabs. He then created the omni-wheel hub, which went very quickly as it was a small part. Lathe member Lousaper had already cut the stock out on the Lathe, so the going was fairly easy for Dustin.

Dustin getting assistance from Lousaper for his parts.

The final operations of the day were making the Shooter Plate that will push the ball into the flywheels. The whole part took three hours, and Dustin was able to make three parts.

Dustin and Jonna running operations on the Mill.

Andrea of Business team finished the Alumni Cover and worked on the Suburban. She also began looking into the parts-list that will be needed. Other members Arvin and Anna used the Vinyl machine to create sponsorship logos that they’ll later place on the Suburban.

Anna making sure the vinyl comes out perfect.

As the day ran from around 9:00 AM and would continue past 6:00, lunch was brought for the members. The food was from El Pollo Loco, with chicken, mac-n-cheese, and rice.

Mentors getting first-pick of the food.

Mr. Black continued work on the supplies-purchasing list for the Lab. He also polished out the passenger side of the Suburban with a dual-action buffer to prepare the vinyl placements. Mr. Black went on to assemble the Competition Robot’s Shooter as well.

The lab closed at 2:00 AM, one of the latest times thus far.

2/19/16 – Friday – The Flat Earth

With only a few days left until Build End, every second wasted was a failure. But Team 696 still held a meeting before getting to work. It was a Friday, but school ended around 1:00 as it was a minimum day for the students. This meant Team 696 could meet for longer.

Members assembled for the meeting.

Jacob of Simulation team worked on the documentation. This covered static friction, shooter geometry, ball trajectory, drag, video verification of ball trajectory, calculating trajectory, and cleanup on the formatting. Team 696 is certainly glad we have Jacob as a member.

Simulation team running simulations.

The wonderful Lathe team, consisting of member Lousaper, kept working on Delrin spacers. These would be formatted to the Telescoping Arm. Lousaper also worked on the spoil syncro bar and omni-wheel shaft.

Lousaper working the Lathe like the pro she is.

Dustin, a member of CNC Mill team, remade two of the Spring Plates for the Telescoping Arm because two had snapped. The process took about 5 hours, he used the Super Mini Mill 2.

Dustin working with CAM member Jonna.

For dinner, as the meeting ran over 6:00 PM, was brought in. It consisted of fantastic chicken, pita bread and hummus, green beans, and a home-made potato dish.

Members piling their plates full of delicious food.

Business team member Arvin finalized the textual components of the formal Business Plan. He was assisted in doing so by Anna. Andrea helped set up the gym for practice drive runs with the robot. She also finished the button designs on Adobe Illustrator and continued the Alumni book cover.

Business team hard at work within the Business Room.

Daniel of Programming helped set up the gym field, then he worked on getting the Robot Arm to move and shoot balls. Bhavin, Jake, and John helped with field work.

Members helping to move the needed materials to the gym to set up the field.

Bhavin also worked on fixing some code.

Programming and Meetkumar working in the Programming Room.

Mr. Hoard, the Business team’s mentor and local “Super Genius” as he’s called, saved the day once again. The Telescoping Arms were sticking together, so the Extravagant Mr. Hoard designed and manufactured a prototype of the “hats.”

Mr. Black sent  in the request for buses for our regional competition trips, made a lunch reservation for the Ventura trip, worked on building an ordering list for equipment and supplies for the lab, and machined snap ring grooves in the omni-wheel axles for the robot’s claw.

The lab closed at 12:00 AM.

2/18/16 – Thursday – Delicious Cake

As usual, Team 696 members attended their meeting. Led by Mika and Mr. Black and Mr. Hoard, members were given deadlines for Ventura money and T-shirt orders.

Team 696 members assembled in their meeting of the day.

Samuel, the Photographer, was busy for the entire day. He was preoccupied with taking picture of individual Robot Parts in the Cinema Room. While these pictures of the newly anodized parts are quite beautiful, this meant he couldn’t take many photos of sub-groups working. We forgive you Samuel, for we know how hard you work for the team.

Lathe member Lousaper has been working on her Lathe for the past two meetings. Both times she made Delrin Standoffs for the Polycarbonate Claw of the Robot.

Lousaper running the Lathe through numerous operations.

Jake from Programming worked with CAD member Claire and Prototyping member Lauren. With the help from those two, Jake learned how to use the Drill Press. Jake then organized batteries and finished the rough draft of all competition battery tests. These will soon be placed into a folder and categorized into a comprehensive graph showing the best batteries.

CAD member Mikia worked on bumper design, bumper mounting, and providing the CAD designs to members working on assembly. Other CAD member Anthony K. worked on fixing the Telescoping Arms and mounting them onto the Practice Robot with the help of Prototype member Devon.

Anthony K. and Devon working on the Telescoping Arms.

Jacob of Simulation continued working on documentation, finishing up the section on the ODE functions.

Welding member Roupen  began to weld the Hanging Mechanism Support Structure. This structure connects the first box-tube in the Hanging Mechanism to the Robot Arm with an 1/8″ plate using bolts. Welding rookie Eden helped Roupen by holding the part during the welding process.

Business team had a busy day. Nicole continued t-shirt Business Plan designs. Anna worked on the actual Business Plan. Andrea continued her hard-work on the button designs, only needing to finish edits on Photoshop.

As it was Nanor’s Birthday, cake was brought for the team. It was quickly eaten during a work-break.

The final picture of the cake before it was torn to pieces and eaten.

Programming member Bhavin worked on revising code that runs the Robot’s Pivoting Arm and Shooter. He also a tried a new configuration for the Robot’s Camera that will allow the Team to quickly test and debug the Vision Processing Program.

James of CAM helped Dustin of CNC Mill. The super-duo created Gearbox Output Shafts out of 7075 aluminum as opposed to the main Robot material – 6061 aluminum.

Dustin of CNC Mill team finished off the Arm Plate Supports by drilling two small holes in each one.

Mika, our Critical President put together the Gearboxes and the Arm. She then worked on wiring everything up.

Mr. Black rebuilt the Manual Mill’s vise. He also assembled three Trampa Wheels and bored out a bushing on the Competition Robot using the Haas Lathe.

The lab closed at around 8:55 PM. With Build End nearing faster than ever, every task is critical to the Team’s success.

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