2/11/16 – Thursday – Dog Days

Luke of Web finished his version of the script for the Chairman’s Video. He turned it in to Mika and Alexander for them to look over and criticize it. Samuel and Mariam of Photography also gave Mika and Alexander their scripts, to compare and find the best aspects of each.

Luke finalizing his script with assistance from Maggy, a fellow Clark student.

Business team member Nicole worked on t-shirt designs for Team 696. During this, Andrea continued vectoring dog tags for the mentors. She also discussed button designs and where to order from.

Lousaper of Lathe team made the gearbox spacers using the CNC Lathe.

Lousaper working the Lathe.

Programming team members discussed their autonomous plan. Member Bhavin worked on the vision processing while John worked with Encoders.

Dustin of CNC Mill worked on a three-operation part that became a mount for the winch. Then, with help from CAM member James, they were able to Mill out the shale from a block of metal. Dustin then flipped it over to face off excess, then back over to drill holes into the side. Other CNC Mill member Nanor worked on the small plates that will go on the box-tube of the extending arm.

Dustin cleaning out the CNC Mill.

Simulation team member Jacob and Dr. Stone, his mentor, finished organizing calculation related to the inertia of the robot’s flywheels. With these the pair were able to calculate different RPMs. For today, they focused on including the force of a piston into the calculations.

A beautiful photo portraying the hardworking Simulation team.

Thanks to a very amazing and hardworking mentor by the name of Mariam, the Powder-Coated Robot Frame was brought back to the lab today. This was only possible due to Mariam driving out to collect the parts herself. Everyone on Team 696 thanks you Mariam, you are a very important part of the team.

Newly Powder-Coated Robot Frame and Arm.

Mr. Black and Mr. Widholm learned how to set up and operate the Haas ST-10 CNC Lathe. While more learning will take place tomorrow, for today the learned how to offset tools.

The lab closed at 1:00 AM.

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