2/21/16 – Sunday – Vinyl and Donuts

The last official meet day before Build End or Bag Day, members were on edge to complete their tasks. Business member Anna continued her vinyl work. She was able to finish one side of the Suburban with help from Arvin, another Business member. Other Business member Nicole was too sick to come today, but she worked on the Business Plan Design from home.

Arvin and Anna working on adding vinyl sponsorship logos to a side of the Team’s Suburban.

Jacob of Simulation team worked with his mentor Dr. Stone for the day. They worked mainly in the Cinema room. Jacob was able to finish some formatting and proofreading of his documentation.

There were some snacks brought for the members later into the meeting. Delicious cold pastries, donuts, and brownies were given out. Slightly chilled, these products contained a sweet filling.

Table full of drinks and pastries for the Team.

Lousaper, member of Lathe team, continued to make miscellaneous spacers that could be used in generic places on the Robot. She also assisted in the clean-up in the gym.

Lousaper preparing her Lathe for an operation run.

CAM member James helped CAD member Mikia, Welder Roupen, and Mr. Najarian. Together the trio assembled the Prototype Bumper. James then began to CAM possible the last part he’ll create this year.

James and Mikia cutting out the needed materials.

Mr. Black machined pulleys for the Winch Cable.

The newly machined parts done by Mr. Black.

He then installed chains to the Arm and Winch mechanisms and also CAM programmed the Gearbox Brace.

More freshly machined parts.

The lab closed at 12:55 AM.

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