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3/4/16 – Friday – Carts and Darts, But No Darts

Mr. Black spent some time helping to finish the small parts organizer cart. He also finished up the battery cart, now full of gorgeous batteries.

Mentors Mr. Widholm and Mr. Larson cut up steel plates. These were then used for the bottom of the cart. They added weight which lowered the center of gravity, increasing stability.

Beautiful small parts organizer cart stacked full of small parts bins.

3/2/16 – Wednesday – Bolt Sorting

While Banshee, Team 696’s 2016 Competition Robot, was already bagged, there was much to do before the actual Los Angeles Regional Competition.

Usual meeting to start off the workday.

Samuel, the team’s Photographer, Blogger, and Media member was busy for the day, and for those all the way up to Competition the next week. He was tasked with making the year’s Chairman’s Video, which he had waiting to begin until now. As he was busy, there are very few pictures of the day.

CNC Mill member Nanor finished off the top of a part with the mighty Mill. She then set up tools and made some stock for the Winch Plates. Dustin continued to make the stock after helping with the bolt organizing .

Members sorting the many bolts of Team 696.

Lathe team member Lousaper continued her task of making spacers. This time, they were smaller, and would be used for the Telescoping Arms.

Jake of Programming team worked on bin organization. He also organized the new Pit Area materials. Other member Daniel worked on making the Leonardo Arduino and programming the Telescoping Arms to test them.

Daniel checking his coding on the Practice Robot.

Nicole of Business team finalized Alexander’s design for the robot name vinyl. She was also part of the bolt sorting team. Other member Andrea worked on printing needed material for the Competition such as brochures, flyers, and other information-based papers.

CAM member James helped sort bolts. He was put in charge of the wood screws with Roupen and Eden of Welding.

3/1/16 – Tuesday – Fasteners

Programming member Jake helped set up the field after working on some programming. He also helped reorganized the bins and completed another battery test on non-competition batteries.

Team members fixing together the Obstacles for the Practice Field.

Lousaper of Lathe team continued making spacers. These newest spacers will be used for the Telescoping Arm spring.

Lathe team setting up the Lathe for some operations.

Business member Andrea worked on the vinyl set up. She also took pictures and sorted through the Business folder throughout the day. Other Business member Anna created the vinyl designs to be printed out.

Anna creating some vinyl designs to print out.

Mr. Black welded the fasteners bin-cart for the Pit Area. This will hold many needed tools during Competition.

Pit Area fasteners bin-cart almost ready for Competition.

The lab closed at 9:50 PM.

2/28/16 – Sunday – Carts

Programming team member Bhavin worked on getting output from the axis camera so the Team could visually see off of the Robot. Other member Daniel worked on getting the Shooter to work both on intake and outtake.

Business member Nicole finished the Brand Guide design.

Mr. Black submitted a DonorsChoose project for the scouting tablets. He also modified the AutoMeter BusPro 660 chargers in order for them to fit the new battery cart. Mr. Black additionally finished welding the battery cart for the pit area.

The lab closed at around 9:00 PM.

2/27/16 – Saturday – Gas Shock

Jake of Programming team worked on bin organization. He also helped setup the practice field and began planning the code for the Robot.

Business team member Nicole revised the Brand Guide as well as the Alumni Book.

James of CAM team worked on the Router today. He was able to make some “stop plates” for Mr. Larson using polycarbonate.

Mr. Black installed Windows updates to the new Programming team’s laptops and created a backup image. He also drove to Santa Fe Springs to pick up parts from McMaster Carr. These parts will be used to mount a gas shock to the Arm. Mr. Black then determined optimal placement, and designed, manufactured, then installed the mount and gas shock. The 40 lbs of 8.27″ stroke gas shock improves the motion and control of the Robot Arm by acting as a counterweight.

The lab closed at 9:00 PM.

2/26/16 – Friday – Laptops

Team 696 had a couple of visitors today. One was from the Gene Haas Foundation while the other was from Edge Factor. They were given a tour of the lab and met some members along the way.

Mr. Black, Mika, and Alexander explaining this years competition to the visitors.

After the guests left, Team 696 started their day off with a meeting. Members were told the schedule and what should be done. Teams set off to accomplish their tasks shortly thereafter.

Mika and Alexander leading the meeting.

Lousaper of the Lathe team helped setup the drive field in the gym.

Luke of Web and Clark student Maggy looked over the Chairman’s Video Script that Samuel came up with.

Luke and Maggy helping Samuel with the Chairman’s Video.

Business member Andrea worked on the Alumni Book. She also began working on the CNC Router.

Team members ate pizza for dinner as they stayed later than 6 at Clark.

Members grabbing pieces of pizza to eat.

Programming member Daniel worked on the Shooter on the Practice Robot. Other member Bhavin worked on vision processing whilst John and Jake helped set up the field.

Daniel working with Alexander and Anthony C. on getting the Practice Robot to work.

Mr. Black installed SSDs and Windows 7 to the new laptops for the Programming team.

Mr. Black assembling the computer for the Programming team.

The lab closed at 10:30 PM.

2/25/16 – Thursday – Business

With Bag Day over and done with, members still met on Thursday to continue working. Quickly after the morning meeting, some members moved the bagged Competition Robot to the Programming Room.

Members attending the morning meeting.

The team also brought out the Practice Robot to work on getting it to run. With the Competition Robot in the bag, this Practice Robot will allow the members to see what works and what doesn’t.

Alexander and Anthony C. moving the robots.

Business member Nicole revised the Brand Guide. Other Business member Andrea worked on applying vinyl to the Suburban.

Business team working hard in the Business Room.

Lathe member Lousaper spent the day without her Lathe. Instead, she helped bring the entire drive field from the cafetorium to the gym.

Lousaper helping other members with the drive field set up.

Mr. Black machined and broached three steel sprockets. He learned that steel sprockets can be harden which makes them impossible to broach. The 1/2″ hex broach got stuck, even with a 4-foot cheater pipe on the arbor press handle. So Mr. Black pressed it out, then machined a 1/2″ hex to .505 from flat to flat on the Haas Super Mini Mill 2 using a 1/4″ 4-flute endmill, and then took it back to the broach, and was able to broach it much easier.

Mr. Black discovered that the HSS tools would be destroyed by hardened steel sprockets but not carbide.

The lab closed at 7:15 PM.