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3/22/16 – Tuesday – Ready to Go

The day before leaving for Ventura, in a mere 24 hours Team 696 members would be in an entirely different city with many new sights and scenes. But still, even so close to leaving for the Ventura Regional competition, Team 696’s lab was still as busy as ever.

Daniel, who normally hails from the Programming team, continued driving the Practice Robot. The bot might look slightly different, but it handles the same as Banshee, which is why he’s honing in his skills now. He also continued to get the autonomous coding of the robot to work. Alexander served as a type of coach or mentor for Daniel.

CNC Mill members Nanor and Dustin began by helping out the Drive Team with the robot on the practice field. They then shifted to recreating the Gearbox Shafts, a hard task indeed, but one they accomplished nonetheless. Nanor later assisted Business member Anna with loading up the team trailer for Competition.

3/15/16 – Tuesday – Domo

Business member Nicole worked on finalizing the team’s printed materials and ordering them for the Ventura competition. This will occur in about one week so she’s working on a tight deadline.

Nicole and Arvin hard at work at their desks.

Other member Andrea worked on the Tech Doc. She spent the day figuring out how to transfer the doc into Adobe to continue working on it.

Andrea working in the Business Room.

Daniel of Programming spent the time practicing driving. He was the driver for the Los Angeles Regional and will be the driver for the Ventura competition as well, so any practice he can get is extremely important. Other Programming member Jake helped unload the trailer, as it was still packed from the Los Angeles Regional. He also got the batteries read for regular schedule.

Daniel running through his code one more time.

Lathe member Lousaper assisted in the unloading of the trailer. She also helped set up the practice field for Daniel to drive on with the Practice Robot.

Mr. Black welded the bin and computer cart. This cart was made to hold bins and or computers inside of the Pit Area.

Freshly welded bin and computer cart carrier.

The lab closed at a healthy 8:00 PM.

3/1/16 – Tuesday – Fasteners

Programming member Jake helped set up the field after working on some programming. He also helped reorganized the bins and completed another battery test on non-competition batteries.

Team members fixing together the Obstacles for the Practice Field.

Lousaper of Lathe team continued making spacers. These newest spacers will be used for the Telescoping Arm spring.

Lathe team setting up the Lathe for some operations.

Business member Andrea worked on the vinyl set up. She also took pictures and sorted through the Business folder throughout the day. Other Business member Anna created the vinyl designs to be printed out.

Anna creating some vinyl designs to print out.

Mr. Black welded the fasteners bin-cart for the Pit Area. This will hold many needed tools during Competition.

Pit Area fasteners bin-cart almost ready for Competition.

The lab closed at 9:50 PM.

2/23/16 – Tuesday – Bag Day

It was the big day! The moment everyone was waiting for. Bag Day had finally arrived, the day where – at midnight – the team would have to put their Robot into a bag until Competition.

Needless to say, everyone was pretty excited. After the briefing meeting, members split off to finish their assigned tasks.

Members meeting right before they start working.

Lousaper made some spacers for the Winch and Telescoping Arms on the CNC Lathe. She then helped clean the drive field in the cafetorium.

Lousaper making some spacers on the CNC Lathe.

Programming members Bhavin and Daniel worked on getting the code ready to test on the Competition Robot. Other members Jake and John helped set up the drive field. Jake also ran some battery tests.

DSC_0001 (2)
Field getting set up.

James of CAM finished the Operator Control Panel. The entire creation of it, from CAD to the countersinks were all him.

Business team member Nicole finished the black and pink t-shirt designs and the rough draft of the Business Plan Design.

Business team typing away in the Business Room.

For dinner the team got chili. It was quite good.

Delicious chili.

Andrea ordered buttons and helped Arvin and Anna with putting vinyl on the suburban.

Arvin making sure the vinyl is straight.

Karin of Prototype team helped Mr. Larson with cutting and bending the polycarbonate that will become the sponsor panels.

Karin and Mr. Larson cutting up the polycarbonate sheets.

Mr. Black spent some time to review the t-shirt design then order quantities. He then polished the driver’s side of the Suburban to help the Business team apply the vinyl logos. After this, Mr. Black helped get the Competition as ready as the team could before bagging it.

Bagged robot.

The lab closed at 1:00 AM.


2/16/16 – Tuesday – Tools for Spools

With much to do, and not a lot of time, Team 696 split off immediately to finish their assigned tasks. With Build Stop only a week away, tensions could be felt as members worked their hardest and hoped nothing would go wrong.

James of CAM and Dustin of CNC Mill team worked together to run the first operation of the Winch Spools. These parts had already been worked on by Mr. Black on the Haas Lathe, so Dustin used James’ CAM program to cut out special steps in a set of soft jaws on the Mill.

James creating the CAM program he’d give Dustin to use the Mill with.

The pair continued to Mill out spokes and holes in each the six Spools. James’ then gave Dustin another CAM program to face off the remaining stock. Other CNC Mill member Nanor continued where Dustin left off when he headed home.

Dustin cleaning off part bits in the Mill.

Jacob, member of Simulation team, worked on the documentation of motor curves, flywheels and the ODE function and solver. All of this data will be put to use in few days when calculations would be created.

Simulation team member Jacob and mentor Dr. Stone looking through their calculations and compiling data.

Business team member Nicole put sponsor names on the Team’s trailer with vinyl.

Nicole posing by the vinyl machine as it cut out the vinyl.

Other member Andrea helped wet up the cafetorium for the Robot to practice driving. She then began button designs as the dog tags had been previously finished.

Andrea working on the button designs while Nicole worked on the computer.

Jonna of CAM was accompanied by other members such as Mikia of CAD and Karin, Meetkumar, and Lauren of Prototype set up the Obstacle Field in the cafetorium for the robot practice drive. The group first had to clear out the tables and chairs to get the floor wide and empty.

Members cleaning up the room before placing Obstacles.

Mr. Black rebuilt the X and Y axes of the Manual Mill. This had to be done as the X-nut was falling off and the machine itself needed cleaning. It works much better now that it’s adjusted and oiled.

A newly oiled and adjusted Manual Mill.

The lab closed at a healthy time of 9:55 PM.

2/9/16 – Tuesday – Cinnamon and Spice

The morning meeting was a short one this day, with Mr. Hoard updating everybody with where we are time-wise. After this, the sub-teams split off to accomplish their tasks.

Mr. Hoard lovingly reminding members about how much time there was left.

CNC Mill team member Dustin finished the Main Robot Arm 3″ x 3″ x 26″ box-tube. During this task, he had James of CAM slightly alter the program after the first half of the total operation. Despite one dent in the third one due to a CAM and matching error. Throughout this, other member Nanor worked with CAM member Jonna on finishing up the Sprocket Plates. They also had to Mill out steps on a pair of Soft Jaws in order for it to fit the part made last time.

Dustin checking the program against the planned design.

Eden and Roupen of Welding team spent the time welding. Together the pair were able to finish welding the Superstructure. Eden then sanded the tall welds so a connecting piece could sit flush.

Welding member Roupen concentrating hard while welding.

Business member Andrea finalized the dog tags on Adobe Illustrator. She then created a practice sheet to engrave the dog tags using the laser cutter. Anna and Arvin were able to finish the Business Plan while Nicole continued her arduous work on the Alumni Book. Samuel of Blogging shared their room to create the blog post.

Business team and Samuel of Blogging working in the Business Room.

Animation team member Anthony C. worked hard to fully animate the final CAD of the Robot. He had only received it this day, so hats off to you Anthony C., for taking initiative and beginning work right away.

Anthony C. beginning the animation process.

James of CAM helped Dustin of CNC Mill finish the last half of the Claw Arm. He then started work on the cylinder mounting bracket.

CAM team working on their computers in the Lab.

Luke of Web continued work on the Chairman’s Video script. He was assisted in his efforts by fellow Clark student Maggy.

Luke and Maggy reading through their script.

Mr. Black finalized and submitted the Dean’s List Finalist Award nominations. He also fully repaired the lower-thrust bearing of the big green vertical band-saw. Mr. Black continued on and designed, manufactured, and installed a mount for the Hitachi Mv12 router to the Techno CNC router, this replaces the older Porter Cable router. Then, with some help, he manufactured the winch spool gearbox plates.

During the day, members helped themselves to some absolutely delicious and sweet cinnamon coated sugary bread. This amazing foodstuff was located in the fridge, brought earlier by Clark’s Principal Mr. Dall.

DSC_0006 (2)
Members happily passing around plates, napkins, and forks to enjoy their snack with.

The lab closed its doors around 1:00 AM.

2/2/16 – Tuesday – Spring Time

Once again, it was Robotics time. Right after school, around 3:00, members of Team 696 filled the lab to listen to Mr. Black, Mr. Hoard, and the two leaders Mika and Alexander discuss this day’s objectives.

Meeting with the members and leaders.

Simulation member Jacob kept busy throughout the day. He started first by finding out about rolling friction. At first, Simulation team tried to get data on how the RPM was reduced when the ball was shot, but the shooting prototype wasn’t functional. They then took the shooting prototype and got a video of Jacob pushing a ball through with a spring. Simulation team used the video to figure out the compression and the change in rotation for the wheels.

Jacob and Dr. Stone finding the compression rate of the spring.

Andrea of Business team continued her work on the team’s dog tags through Adobe. She also began vectoring names and creating a template for each individual dog tag. Arvin and Anna tried finishing up the Chairman’s Essay.

Welding members Roupen and Eden worked on the Robot Frame. Roupen nearly finished welding everything needed, all left to do is to weld the battery holder and the last three bumper support mounts.

Roupen and Eden welding the Robot Frame.

CNC Mill member Dustin set up and cut out four shooter arm plates, each taking approximately 15 minutes. Being hard to secure, the fourth plate rattled out of the vice and broke a chamfer Mill. After cutting out a piece of metal, he ran the program to make a fifth one. Nanor continued working on gearbox plates.

Dustin proudly showing his work off.

CNC Lathe member Lousaper finished making battery plate standoffs which she began the prior meeting day. She used the Lathe to create them.

Mr. Black helping Lousaper.

James of CAM helped finish two of the shooter “claw” plates before he headed home. James also helped with an electrical connector. He and Anthony K. of CAD might have found a solution to mounting the constant force springs to the elevator mechanism, but haven’t properly checked their work yet.

Mika, our Tactful President created a need-to-be-machined parts schedule for members, cut up materials, and helped put together parts for Roupen to weld. Of course, she also looked over all sub-teams, assessing their work and helping out when prompted. Mika looked over the Chairman’s Essay, and wrote her own version of it to show as a counter as to ascertain which version would be best to submit.

Mr. Black reviewed the Chairman’s and WFFA Essays. He also oiled the manual Lathe, moved the Hexawall out of the lab, and organized the endmills and taps drawer. Thanks to this hard work, the lab continues to be a safe and clean environment.

Mr. Black helping out in the lab.

The lab closed at 10:05 PM.

1/26/16 – Tuesday – All About That Base

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While much was done this day, relatively speaking, very little was accomplished sadly. Of course, there was a meeting to start off the work-day, this took place around 3:10 after school had ended.

Alexander, Mika, and Mr. Hoard talking with the rest of the team.

After members broke off to start their own tasks of the day, Alexander and mentors examined the Base Plate that had been previously warped from the Plasma Cutter. To straighten it, they had clamped it down before using the Plasma Cutter. Sadly, the Router would mess up with even the smallest of warping present, so the team was forced to scrap these Base Plates and just use the Router instead of the Plasma Cutter. Lesson learned is that the Plasma Cutter will warp thin sheets of metal, making it unwise to then use the Router on.

Alexander and mentors examining base plate.

Mika, our fantastic President pulled aside Welders Roupen and Eden, Programmer Meetkumar, and Prototyping member Devon. She then gave them their assignment and sent them on their way.

Mika talking with Roupen, Eden, Devon, and Meetkumar.

Dustin and Nanor of CNC Mill helped Jonna of CAM cut out the second Base Plate on the Plasma Cutter. They’d later find out that it could not be used as it was warped and therefor couldn’t go on the Router. After this, Nanor and Dustin set up the tools to Mill the robot frame. They plan to run four separate programs for each side of the robot’s aluminum bars.

Dustin checking the Mill’s programs.

Progamming team member Bhavin worked on getting the camera to work across the network by solving complex algorithms.

Bhavin showing Meetkumar his program.

Jake, another member, focused on learning more about how to program the robot. Other member Daniel worked with Prototyping member Karin on laying out the operator controls. Together, Daniel and Karin designed the operator panel.

Telyarm = Telescoping Arm. Pivyarm = Pivoting Arm. Circles = Buttons. Rectangles = Switches (with 2-3 positions).

Eden of Welding practiced welding with 1/16″ 1 by 1 box-tube. Roupen experimented with different amperage to try getting the best welds on 1/8″ box-tube.

Business team member Nicole finished working on the Brand Guide. Other member Andrea worked on collecting light bulbs and working on her button design. After much work, she believes she has the finished design. Anna finished the Google grant while Arvin finished the Chairman’s essay.

Business members Nicole and Andrea working on their computers.

Animation member Christopher kept working on the robot’s animation with a new objective brought to the table. He’s hoping for something resembling the CSI Miami main theme and an escape scene.

Team 696’s Stronghold/lab closed at 7:20 PM.

1/19/16 – Tuesday – Some Assembly Required

An optional meeting was held this day, one where they’d be assembling machines and mechanisms. Sure enough, some hard-working members showed up to do their part for the team. Lousaper was there, as was President Mika and Vice-President Alexander. They helped one another in assembling the VexPro ball-shifter gearboxes. Members also installed the new Dewalt compound miter saw, adding one more viable machine to the lab of Team 696.

Lousaper, Alexander, and Mika assembling parts in the lab.

The last of these members would leave the lab at 7:15.

1/12/16 – Tuesday – Wilson Presentation

Clark students and Robotics members Samuel, Lauren, Anna, and Mika left Clark for Wilson Middle School at 1:55. Mr. Dall gave a very heart-warming speech, utilizing the Robotics members and their robot Snapdragon.

Mr. Dall voicing all the pros of going to Clark Magnet High School.

After some Wilson students talked with the Robotics members about getting in to Clark, they left the amphitheater in awe and shock, feeling that Clark was the right choice for them. But this wasn’t where the Robotics members left, no, they stayed for the parent presentation at 6:30.

Excited Wilson students asking Anna questions about Clark and Robotics.

They used the precious time between presentations to plan out the coming week and to discuss what was needed to succeed as a team.

Robotics members discussing the future schedule.

The parent presentation mirrored the student presentation, but targeted towards parents of viable Clark students.

Mr. Dall giving magnificent presentation towards parents.

This assembly lasted until 7:30, at which point the Robotics members packed up to leave.