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3/23/16 – Wednesday – Beach Fun

Early Wednesday day Team 696 was stationed outside of Clark with their bags. As they would be staying in Ventura over nights for the competition, the team brought along bags full of clothing and their personal belongings. After being loaded onto the bus, their journey began.

The first stop would be at the Haas Automation factory. It was here that Team 696 was led on a wonderful tour of the place, being informed of the history and inner-workings along the way.

Afterwards the team headed to Lazy Dog Cafe for some food as they were hungry from the long drive. Dressed in their team’s shirts, the pink train of students filed into the restaurant and filled a row of tables. Even with this many people Team 696 were respectful and remained quiet for the benefit of other customers.

As the actual competition didn’t start until the next day, Team 696 were able to have some fun. After getting checked into their hotel and rooms, they split off into two groups. The smaller group was tasked with pit-setup, and would join the larger group soon. The larger group headed to the beach, a few minutes away via walking. Dressed for the beach, Team 696 members happily made the journey to the beach for some volleyball and relaxation.

Being careful so as to not injure oneself before competition, four separate volleyball teams were created for the two courts at the beach. It remained friendly and not too serious throughout the day, and everyone had a blast. Mr. Hoard was even able to show off his amazing volleyball skills to the team, who stood in awe as they were utterly beaten to smithereens on the courts.

All too soon was it time to return to the hotel and eat dinner. For this night it was In-n-Out, right next to the hotel. Members ordered food and brought it back to their rooms to eat before bed.

Members were ready for bed before 10, and Mr. Black made the rounds to make sure everyone was comfortable in their rooms. Exhausted from getting beaten on the volleyball fields by Mr. Hoard, Team 696 fell into a deep slumber the first night at Ventura – ready for competition the next day.


3/16/16 – Wednesday – Arigato

Back to the usual schedule, Team 696 members met after the end of school in the lab. There was a quick meeting of course, where congratulations were given for the great competition experience and the day’s tasks were assigned.

Team meeting prior to getting to work.

Once again, Nicole of Business spent the day ordering printed materials before we leave for the Ventura. Business member Andrea began designing the cover for the Tech Doc as well as putting together the actual booklet.

Programming team member Daniel continued his hand at practice driving. Other member Jake helped set up the field as well as setting up the battery on the robot. He also worked on SnapDragon’s code to practice his coding skills.

Lathe member worked on the team’s Trello list. Using her advanced technological skill set, Lousaper compiled a list of all the materials and parts we took to competition for organizational purposes.

3/2/16 – Wednesday – Bolt Sorting

While Banshee, Team 696’s 2016 Competition Robot, was already bagged, there was much to do before the actual Los Angeles Regional Competition.

Usual meeting to start off the workday.

Samuel, the team’s Photographer, Blogger, and Media member was busy for the day, and for those all the way up to Competition the next week. He was tasked with making the year’s Chairman’s Video, which he had waiting to begin until now. As he was busy, there are very few pictures of the day.

CNC Mill member Nanor finished off the top of a part with the mighty Mill. She then set up tools and made some stock for the Winch Plates. Dustin continued to make the stock after helping with the bolt organizing .

Members sorting the many bolts of Team 696.

Lathe team member Lousaper continued her task of making spacers. This time, they were smaller, and would be used for the Telescoping Arms.

Jake of Programming team worked on bin organization. He also organized the new Pit Area materials. Other member Daniel worked on making the Leonardo Arduino and programming the Telescoping Arms to test them.

Daniel checking his coding on the Practice Robot.

Nicole of Business team finalized Alexander’s design for the robot name vinyl. She was also part of the bolt sorting team. Other member Andrea worked on printing needed material for the Competition such as brochures, flyers, and other information-based papers.

CAM member James helped sort bolts. He was put in charge of the wood screws with Roupen and Eden of Welding.

2/17/16 – Wednesday – Optional Meeting

Today was an optional meeting for those who could make it. Samuel of Photography sadly could not make it, so there is a lack of photos.

Members who went included CAD members Anthony K. and Mikia, Prototype members Devon and Karin, and President Mika. They assembled many things, including the Robot’s Wheels, Transmissions, and Gearboxes.

This same day Mr. Black assisted a mentor from Team 981. The mentor was helped in┬áplasma cutting, bending a Base Plate, and welding the Shooter Mechanism for his Team’s robot. Mr. Black also tried out a new Windows 10 tablet, seeing if it could hold potential for the Scouting during competition.

The lab was vacated at 9:30 PM.

1/13/16 – Wednesday – Toll Presentation and Optional Meeting

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This day contained two events. One was a presentation down at Toll, and the other was an optional Robotics meeting.

Mika, Alexander, Jonna, and Anthony K. traveled to Toll Middle School at 9:45. Upon arriving, they helped get Snapdragon into the auditorium where Mr. Dall was going to present to the Wilson students.

696 trailer parked in front of Toll Middle School

After Robotics members drove around Snapdragon for a little to inspire the students Mr. Dall began the presentation on why they should consider going to Clark Magnet High School. The Robotic members would return back to Clark at 12:00.

Many Toll students watching presentation.

During the optional meeting, members planned the potential mechanisms for the shooter, hanger, and arm. They used a cane as an outline of what the mechanism would need to do and possibly look like.

The powerful cane – capable of grabbing or throwing objects large or small.

Alexander, our assiduous Vice-President, worked with Mr. Widholm and Mr. Black on constructing a team calendar. He also worked on creating a “Robot Timeline” spreadsheet. This would be used to collect all of our official meeting dates and give us as a team insight for planning a time-frame in which parts would need to be designed and fabricated.

Mika, our prodigious President, focused on Trello and putting all the necessary tasks that must be accomplished in the upcoming days. She organized them so she had a clear vision of what goals must be achieved and when.

Anthony K. of CAD worked on the base design of the robot. He used QHR as a point of reference.

Anthony K. busy designing a possible wheel base for the robot.

Devon of Prototype team and James of CAM tested possible wheel configurations for the base of the robot. They did this to not only make sure the configuration of the wheels would work, but to find out if the actual wheels were made of the correct material that’d best suit the tasks at hand.

Mr. Black also informed the team of our brand new sponsor, AutoMeter. As a team, we hope this is the beginning of a very long partnership between them and us.

Team 696 Robotics’ Stronghold closed for the day around 8:30.