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9/21/15 – Monday – Fourth and Final Day of Chezy Champs Trip

On their final day, the team visited the NASA Ames Research Center. Not only did they get to see the second largest wind tunnel, they were allowed to go inside of it. The team was also allowed to see NASA’s HAAS machines.

Team 696 members conducting a tour of the NASA Ames Research Center.

Being their last day, the team indulged themselves with some garlic-flavoured ice-cream before heading back home. After finishing packing any last things, the team got into their vehicles and disembarked.

Eating lunch on the way back, they would leave around ten, and arrive at Clark at six.


9/20/15 – Sunday – Third Day of Chezy Champs Trip

Arriving to the competition venue, the team formed an alliance with the eighth seat team. The team performed well, but lost against the first seat alliance.

Team 696 discussing Centurion’s performance while in the pit.

Team members began to pack up the trailer while the rest of the team continued to watch the other alliances compete.

Code Orange, the second seat team, ended up winning the competition. Team 696 felt joy for their fellow team, as Code Orange had been very pleasant and nice to them.

Mika, President of Team 696, displaying the Judge’s Award bestowed upon them.

While the team didn’t win the competition itself, they were presented with the Judge’s Award.

Following the end of the competition, Mr. Black called a meeting. Claire was given the Golden Wrench Award and the rest of the team was congratulated on a job well done.

As a reward, the team was taken to a mall, where they had dinner in the food court. Following dinner, they were given an hour of free-time to explore and buy items from the mall.

After returning to the hotel, team members were given another two hours before bedtime. Members spent this time relaxing by playing card games, talking, watching movies, and playing BeanBoozled. BeanBoozled is a game where participants try to guess the flavor of the jelly bean they’ve consumed. The flavours are a mix between sweet-tasting jelly beans and “gross” flavours.

At the end of these two hours, the team went to sleep.

9/19/15 – Saturday – Second Day of Chezy Champs Trip

Excited for the upcoming competition, the team chatters amiably amongst themselves over breakfast. The breakfast was held at the hotel they were staying at.

Heading over to the venue where the competition was to be held, Team 696 competed in the qualifying rounds. Unfortunately, their performance was not superb. This was due to multiple reasons involving the driving and mechanics of their robot.

Team 696 competing at Chezy Champs.

The team was listed as twenty-two of a total thirty-six teams. While not too pleased with this scoring, all team members remained professional in both their actions and language.

Scouting continued until all qualifying matches finished.

After all matches ended, the team headed out to dinner. Eating at El Torito, the team celebrated their fellow member’s birthday. Much cheer and joy allowed team spirits and morale to recover.

After returning to the hotel, members turned in after a quick dessert consisting of ice-cream procured from across the hotel.

9/18/15 – Friday – First Day of Chezy Champs Trip

The team is woken up early Friday morning as they have a long day ahead of them. First on the agenda is heading over to tour Autodesk’s Pier 9 after a hearty breakfast.

Robotics students posing for group photo at Autodesk's Pier 9.
Robotics students posing for group photo at Autodesk’s Pier 9.

After concluding the tour, the team heads over to the software building of Autodesk, where all the programming and technical issues are dealt with around noon.

Students posing for photo at Autodesk's software headquarters.
Students posing for photo at Autodesk’s software headquarters.

While there, the team utilized 3D printers to construct key-chains. From there, the team headed to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Two of the three vehicles arrived to the Golden Gate Bridge, as one had sadly gotten turned around and lost.

Next on the agenda was to visit the Computer History Museum. On the way there, the Suburban broke down due to a faulty fuel pump. Mr. Black and Dr. Stone stayed with it while the other cars collected the stranded students.

The rest of the team headed back to the hotel to ready the trailer for the competition. With the trailer fully packed, Code Orange towed the trailer to the competition area.

The team unpacked and organized the cargo of their trailer in record speed – merely fifteen minutes!

Afterwards, that night’s dinner was held in a nearby IHOP. With a long day ahead of them, the team went straight to bed after dinner.