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1/23/16 – Saturday – Expo Day and Mountain Ave. Science Fair

While Clark’s Expo Day didn’t start until 11:00, Team 696 members arrived at Clark in their team shirts and black slacks before 9:00 AM. Expo Day is very important for showing what type of high school Clark Magnet is to parents and prospective students. While there are many classes and courses that are open to visitors, Team 696’s lab is the main attraction to many. Clark’s Expo Day even made the news on LA Times!

Prior to 11:00, team members helped position multiple robots from past competitions throughout the school. Two members would stand with each robot to explain to guests what Team 696 was and to answer any questions. If prompted, which was often, one member would also lead intrigued guests to our Robotic’s lab where other members were waiting to give a tour of the lab.

Members Jonna and Anthony C. answering questions for two guests.

The lab was filled with excited parents being pulled forth by their children. With so much going on, many 696 members were available to explain what transpires in the lab to anyone that wished to know.

Sipan explained the Swerve Drive, a type of wheel mechanism designed and created by a past Team 696 member.

Sipan explaining the Swerve Drive to a parent and his child.

Mikia was in charge of 3D printing 696 dog-tags for the guests, so he would explain the steps taken when 3D printing objects. He also elaborated on how a mechanism is created.

Mikia showing an object printed from the lab’s 3D printers.

Mika walked around the lab with guests, showing them our many machines and explaining their functions. She also talked in-depth on how members were chosen to be part of the team.

Team 696 President Mika talking with a father and his two daughters on how Clark students get into Robotics.

A very popular attraction was the driving of Snapdragon. Taking place right outside of the lab, people gathered around to watch our 2014 robot Snapdragon throw a ball and chase it down. Some lucky spectators were even able to participate in this event!


After Clark’s Expo Day came to an end, and all parents and students long headed back home, Team 696 members remained behind to clean up their school and the lab. At around 4:00, Mr. Hoard and four members loaded Snapdragon into his truck and drove over to Mountain Ave.’s Science Fair.

Team 696’s appearance at the Science Fair has been a long-kept tradition of the team and a favorite event with the children. Their joyful screams filled the air as they waited for the ball to get launched their way. They’d scramble to get it, then race to replace it back into Snapdragon.

The only thing the children loved more than catching the ball flung from Snapdragon was being able to actually drive it themselves. Team 696 member Daniel and Driver of Snapdragon explained to each student how to control the robot. Their faces could hardly contain their wide smiles.

A collective sigh spread around when it was time for Snapdragon and Team 696 to pack up and return to Clark. Promising to return the next year, Team 696 members loaded Snapdragon back in the truck and drove back to their lab.


1/21/16 – Thursday – Lincoln Students Tour Robotics’ Lab

Lego Robotics members from Lincoln Elementary came to tour Team 696’s lab today. Arriving around 3:00, the students entered excitedly into the lab. They first listened to Mika talk about the team and what goes on in the lab, using Centurion as a focal talking point.

Mika talking with Lincoln students about Centurion.

After touring through the programming room, the students then filled the computer room where CAD and CAM teams usually worked. Here Mr. Black told them what goes on, showing them the two 4K televisions overhead.

Mr. Black then led the Lincoln students into the work-floor, where the HAAS machines were. Amazed by the fantastic and large machinery, the Lincoln children were ecstatic to be able to partake in the operation of the powerful machines.

At last, the moment they all longed for was finally here. It was time to drive the robot. Lining up outside, Team 696 Vice-President Alexander worked one-on-one with each Lincoln student, showing them how to properly handle Snapdragon.

Feeling excited and trembling from happiness, the Lincoln students left Clark Magnet’s Robotics’ lab. Never before had they been so sure of what high school they wished to attend. From what they experienced today, all wished to attend Clark Magnet.

1/20/16 – Wednesday – Rosemont Students Visit Clark

At around 8:45, two buses full of Rosemont students in their last year at Rosemont unloaded in front of Clark Magnet High School.  Today was the day that the eighth-grade class of Rosemont toured through Clark, possibly their future high school.

Mika and Mr. Black splitting the students into groups.

After splitting into several different groups to not crowd the hallways, the Rosemont students were led through the many wonders of Clark. Mr. Black’s group first stopped by the classes teaching art lessons such as design class. While there, Rosemont students learned of the various projects given throughout the year and what they’d learn in class.

Rosemont students listening to a Clark design teacher.

After the design classes, Rosemont students made their way to the photography classroom where Mr. Zamlich was teaching. Crowding around him, he gave them a quick rundown of what his class is like.

Mr. Zamlich giving a glorious talk to the prospective Clark students.

Ms. Evans-Bye’s room was next. She explained to the Rosemont students how her class participated in many activities with the chance of winning scholarships such as the Lexus Eco Challenge. She and one of her students – a member of Team 696 – Sipan explained how they go study biology down by the sea. He showed them the rover they get to send down under the water and how they control it. This rover allows students to see what the ecosystem is like under the ocean without having to dive down themselves.

Sipan and Ms. Evans-Bye sharing with Rosemont students what is done in her class throughout the year.

Directly afterwards, Rosemont students walked up the stairs to get to Mr. Over’s classroom.

Mr. Black leading the way for the Rosemont students.

It was there where the Emmy-winning  teacher taught animation to Clark students, and it was there where Rosemont students learned about the animation world. Mr. Over held a discussion with the Rosemont students on why becoming an animator would lead to a promising future.

Right next to Over’s room is Mr. Stoup’s, where Cinema class is taught. And so Rosemont students exited Mr. Over’s room and turned directly into Mr. Stroup’s. He showed them what software they’d be working with, and even gave them a demo of the green-screen. Many students were impressed and intrigued by this.

Finally, the moment many Rosemont students were waiting for. It was finally time for them to tour through Mr. Black’s lab. It was here where he taught Principles of Engineering, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), and where Team 696 met weekly to work on their robot.

Students were simply amazed at all the complex machinery the Clark lab had. They were even more surprised by the fact that simple students much like themselves could operate these magnificent machines. It was easy to tell they longed to be a part of it, and only wished graduation would come sooner for them to begin their Clark experience.

At around 9:40 the tour was over and the students had to return to their buses. Mr. Dall and Mr. Black answered any questions the many Rosemont students had for them, then Mr. Dall asked what their favorite part of Clark was and was answered with many different responses. As the Rosemont students filled their buses, the only thing filling their minds was how much they were going to enjoy their future high school – Clark Magnet.

12/4/15 – Friday – Final Touches

The final meeting before a much needed break from robotics, the day prior to the Montrose Christmas Parade. This is where we find ourselves on the eleventh.

First matter of business was to retake the group photo, with the entire team present and giddy. After this, we all shuffled into the lab.

Lousaper of the Lathe team gave her belated presentation, as she was not present on Presentation Day. It was very concise and informative of what her position was and entailed. Lousaper then took a seat within the applauding audience to listen to Mr. Hoard.

The final scores for the team presentations were in, and so Mr. Hoard announced the individual points to the seated team. At the end of which he then stated that he and Mr. Black will be talking with individual teams in the Business Room, telling them personal notes and pointers on how to improve their operations within the Robotics Team.

After all this, Mr. Black then shared his trip to Autodesk University. It sounded so marvelous an experience that the room was silent while he talked. Finishing his talk, Mr. Black allowed the team to break off into their individual tasks.

Welding team members Eden and Roupen were busy outside the lab. They were decorating the trailer with some holiday lights, making sure each one worked before suspending them alongside the vehicle. These lights would serve to bring a festive feeling to the trailer which was to be driven during the Montrose Christmas Parade.

Eden helping Roupen with decorating for the upcoming parade.

The Programming team members Daniel, Bhavin, and John prepared the code and tools for the robot. They also hooked up the robot with holiday lights. Jake was in the programming room unpacking organizational products from boxes, then arranging them appropriately along the shelves.

Jake unpacking boxes while Simulation team asks for advice.

Jonna of CAM helped out Prototype team under Lauren’s watchful eyes, while James consulted with Nicole of Business team.

Dustin and Nanor of CNC Mill team were busy designing and constructing a geometrical part using the mill. They were assisted by the mentors, making sure they did not make any mistakes.

Business team member Andrea worked on the light-bulb sale sheet, fact-checking her past logs to check for inconsistencies. Her fellow members Arvin, Anna, and Nicole were able to vectorize vinyl logos. Business team also worked on the Build Season calendar.

Business, Simulation, and CAM team members holding a discussion.

Prototype team, Meetkumar, Karin, Devon, and Lauren, helped decorate the robots – mainly Snapdragon – with colorful lights. Lauren also packed and prepared a toolbox for the upcoming Montrose Christmas Parade. She was assisted by Jonna of CAM.

DSC_0017 - Copy
Prototype, Lathe, and CAD teams assist one another.

Mikia of CAD printed out keyboard legs utilizing his 3D printing skills. Other members Anthony K. and Claire helped decorate Snapdragon. Anthony K. also worked on Inventor, and Claire learned how to 3D print. Sipan was busy on his own project, and consulted with other teams on the upcoming Build Season.

Simulation team members Jacob and Yerin helped out around the lab, decorating or organizing the tools. They also went over how they could’ve improved their presentation.

The Animation team held discussions with both Mr. Horde and Mr. Black on the subject of past competitions incorporating animation. Anthony C. and Christopher also continued working on the animations story line.

Our humble leaders, Mika and Alexander, helped out with readying the robots. Alexander worked mainly on Centurion between his sage counselling to fellow members about their work-flows. Mika gracefully moved between teams, assisting them with both advice and showing them how to better their tasks.

DSC_0022 (2)
Alexander working on Centurion’s lights.

The final members left, locking up the lab, around 10:30 that night. All was ready for the following day, the Montrose Christmas Parade wouldn’t know what hit it.

11/20/15 – Friday – Presentations

The day had finally arrived – Presentation Day! That time of Robotics season finally arrived, where every sub-team gets to present what it is they do for the club, with every member (present) participating. And it started right after the team photo.

Team 696 posing for an amazing group photo.

All teams spoke in front of their fellow members and mentors, being graded and questioned after each presentation. The whole process took approximately four hours from 3:00 to 7:00, with a brief break in the middle.

Mentors diligently grading presenters.

The audience were very polite of course, maintaining silence during the presentations and applauding at the end of each one.

Amazingly polite and great audience.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…the pictures of our wonderful teams conducting their presentations.

Eden and Roupen of Welding.


Luke of Web.


Jacob and Yerine of Simulation.


Karin, Devon, Meetkumar, and Lauren of Prototype.


Daniel, Bhavin, John, and Jake of Programming.




Nanor and Dustin of CNC Mill.


Jake and Jonna of CAM.


Mikia, Alexander, Anthony K., Claire, and Sipan of CAD.


Anna, Nicole, Arvin, and Andrea of Business.


Samuel of Blogging and Photography – looking like a super awesome dude, because he totally is.


Animation team members Anthony C. and Christopher.

11/13/15 – Friday – Preparations

The day started out with a meeting, where our magnificent Vice-President Alexander gave a presentation detailing what is expected by our sub-team presentations. As the members of Team 696 listened, it could be seen that they were readying themselves for the following Friday, where they’d have to present their roles to the mentors.

Alexander presenting the presentation details to the team.

Next was the famed Golden Wrench Award. This time, it went to Karin, dedicated member of the Prototype team. The bouts of applause all but drowned out her thanking everyone.

Karin proudly holding her Golden Wrench.

With the talk fully over, the sub-teams broke up to begin their individual tasks.

The Programming team continued their individual coding work. John was fixing his code while combining it with Jake’s. Jake himself worked on resolving erroneous robot code and continued coding in the battery.

Jake and John looking over their codes.

Lauren, Karin, and Devon of Prototype team continued their work on the flywheel. Lauren also worked on their presentation.

Prototype and Eden working on finalizing the flywheel.

Over on CAM, Jonna and James worked on their presentation. During this, James also finished the revised plates.

Jonna and James staring blankly at their screens, contemplating deeply. What about? The world may never know or fully understand.

Jacob and Yerine of Simulation worked on their presentation. Yerine also conducted troubleshooting for their football trajectory program, as it was not working as predicted.

Simulation team hard at work.

Animation duo Chris and Anthony C. finished up their storyboard. They then worked on their team’s presentation and researching what to do their safety animation video on and what type of style they’d go with.

Look at them looking at what they’re looking at.

Web member Luke worked on his presentation.

If Luke’s presentation doesn’t go well, then it must have been a fLuke.

CAD, having much to do, started right away and hardly paused for a break. The entire team started their presentation, while the individual members did other tasks as well. Sipan made some changes to his completed Fall Robot update and Mikia continued working on the electronics panel.

Sipan helping out Mikia with his computer issues.

Anthony K. finished up his gearbox and Claire redid her intake plate.

Alexander helping out Claire and Anthony K. of CAD.

Eden and Roupen of Welding helped out the Prototype team with their work.

Roupen and Mikia looking at something.

They also worked on their own presentation. Eden continued his practice welding as well.

DSC_0021 (2)
Eden using some machinery with proper safety in place.

Lousaper learned from Mr. Black how to equip and run the brand new HAAS CNC lathe machine. She did wonderful, and with some more practice, will be fully able to work the HAAS lathe – crucial to the team.

Lousaper being taught by Mr. Black.

Mill team members Dustin and Nanor worked on their presentation.

Mill team working diligently on their presentation.

Business team members Arvin and Nicole worked on a presentation plan.

Nicole working with Arvin on their presentation plan.
Nicole working with Arvin on their presentation plan.

Then they shared it with the others, once out of the way, Anna helped out Andrea with her skills using the vinyl machine. Arvin and Anna also finished mounting the canvassed T-shirts to the wall.

Anna helping Arvin measure the wall where they will hang the shirts.

The Photography and Blogging Corporation CEO and founder Samuel started considering his presentation. He mainly took photos for the other teams and helped around.

Looking good there Samuel.

Now then, our leaders.

It is with a heavy heart that I report we have lost our President…Mika. She was absent as she was not feeling well. However, even without our fearless leader, we kept sane.

This was mainly due to our golden-hearted Vice-President, Alexander. Great as he is, the Honorable One not only presented a presentation about our presentations, he also finished his elevator, worked with the CAD team, helped out Prototype and Programming teams, he also took on Mika’s jobs.

Alexander working on his computer.

Now we know, should we lose our adored President, we are in able-hands. Hopefully, we will never have to hear the words “the President is dead, long live the President.”

Mr. Black spent some time assisting Lousaper in how to properly set up the HAAS CNC lathe and on what their tools did.

Mr. Black talking with Lousaper.

The lab closed around 8:45, cold and lonely. Just like the world without Team 696.

11/6/15 – Friday – Sundown

It’s that time of season once more, when it gets deathly cold and the sun goes down beyond the horizon much earlier than usual. Despite this, the ever-working members of robotics assembled at the lab on time and ready to work.

Nicole, member of the Business team, was awarded the famed Gold Wrench for her hard work. The room was full of applause for her, as she definitely deserved this gracious award.

Nicole of Business showing off the Golden Wrench Award.

Prototype team, consisting of Lauren, Karin and Meetkumar this day, continued their work on the flywheel. With the design all but over, the team has continued the physical aspect of the project. This includes cutting the parts out and then assembling them.

Programming team and Roupen meeting with Mika to provide updates on their work.

Welding member Roupen helped out the Prototype team with their labors on the flywheel construction.

Roupen assisting Prototype team member Karin.

Rookie member Eden spent the time practicing welding, so he can quickly master the fine art and no longer need Roupen’s guidance at all times.

Eden admiring his fine craftsmanship.

Daniel of Programming continued the logger coding. Other members John, Bhavin, and Jake conducted their own coding, but on different things. John was working on the autonomous code for the robot, and Bhavin resumed coding SnapDragon. Jake attempted to fix the battery program so the robot would be able to perform its tasks.

Programming team constructing and fixing their respective codes.

Lathe member Lousaper was working under the teaching of Mr. Black. Together, she learned how to set up new tools inside of the Lathe.

Lousaper wrapping her head around what Mr. Black has been teaching her.

Dustin and Nanor worked under Mr. Widholm’s guidance to set up their own tools inside of the Mill.

Dustin and Nanor being mentored on how to operate the Mill.

CAD members worked together to start their presentation. Individually, Anthony K. worked on his toolbox and Claire made an intake mechanism.

Anthony K. working on his toolbox.

Mikia practicing pocketing on an electronics plate using Autodesk Inventor. Sipan finalized the Fall 2015 robot update, we were all so proud of him.

Sipan and Mikia working independently.

Jonna of CAM worked on the presentation while James helped out Prototype team.

James doing his thing on the computer.

Over on Animation, Anthony C. and Chris brainstormed safety animation ideas. Once they figure out a proper scheme, they will set out to animate it into life.

Animation team conducting research on their project.

Simulation team member Jacob continued ODE and he added drag to the football’s trajectory project. Yerine conducted research to improve their presentation, it’s setting up to look real good.

Business team had a very busy work day, Nicole wrote content for the 696 Brand Guide, and also created the cover for the guide. She was also able to vectorize the sponsor logos.  Arvin conducted research on the entrepreneurship essay and Anna hung up the canvassed shirts (with help from the other members).

Anna hanging up the canvassed shirts on the business room’s wall.

Andrea continued the spreadsheet work and categorization for the light bulbs that members were selling like hot-cakes.

Andrea updating her spreadsheet.

And of course, last but completely not least, our divine Leadership team. Our ever celestial President Mika was, as always, working at top notch for the team. Mika helped out CAD and Prototype team on their individual team activities. She then created a presentation to inform the team of what Presentation Day asks of them. Mika then created a team calendar for the upcoming build season.

The famed and glorious President Mika consulting with Simulation team.

The team’s very own exalted Vice-President also had a full day. Alexander helped out the CAD team with their various work, then he went over to Programming and assisted Jake with his troubles. Then Alexander continued his elevator design with magnificent speed and efficiency. The team is so lucky to have a member such as him.

Our beloved, prodigal Vice-President Alexander working on his elevator design.

With the sun long gone, the lab was vacated and closed around 7:00, and the individual members went home to work on their homework like the good students they are.

10/23/15 – Friday – Do or Doughnut, There Is No Try

The air vibrated with excitement when it was announced that 696 had gotten into the Ventura competition thanks to Mr. Black. We’ll be heading over during the spring break, which is my kind of idea of a proper vacation.

Business team expressing their delight when learning that the team got into the Ventura competition.
Business team expressing their delight when learning that the team got into the Ventura competition.

In other news, the light-bulb business has recommenced. For those wondering, selling power-efficient light-bulbs to raise money to go on trips, such as the Ventura one, is the main source of donation towards Robotics club. We’re all determined to sell as many as we can to help out our team.

Also, Samuel, of the Blogging (and Photography) team was given the Golden Wrench Award. Blushing a deep crimson, Samuel gracefully accepted the award from Mika.

Samuel looking quite dapper.
Samuel looking quite dapper.

Over in Business, Anna continued creating and writing the applications for both the Woodie Flowers Award and the Entrepreneurship Award. Meanwhile, Arvin outlined the future business plan and worked on his presentation.

Arvin and Anna looking over the FRC site.
Arvin and Anna looking over the FRC site.

Andrea was maintaining an excel spreadsheet for the light-bulb sales after she passed out the said light-bulbs.

Andrea working on the spreadsheets.
Andrea working on the spreadsheets.

And the hardworking Nicole finished up the brochure.

Nicole adding finishing touches to the brochure.
Nicole adding finishing touches to the brochure.

Jonna and James of CAM fixed many plates (not the kind you eat on). They also worked on their presentation.

James asking for help from Alexander.
James asking for help from Alexander.

Chris R. and Anthony C. of Animation both continued their tutorials of modelling using 3DS Max software.

Anthony C. and Chris R. modelling.
Anthony C. and Chris R. modelling.

CAD team had a very busy day. Claire and Anthony K. created intake plates, and Anthony K. continued work on his gearbox.

Anthony K. and Claire working on Autodesk.
Anthony K. and Claire working on Autodesk.

Mikia was learning how to work with autodesk and he started his own plate design. And Sipan, the leader of this group, worked on the drivetrain’s gearbox. He also kept updating the assembly for the Fall-robot.

Sipan hard at work.
Sipan concentrating hard on his work.

Dustin and Nanor, from CNC Mill, worked under Mr. Widholm to learn how to operate the Mill. Besides some confusion, the two learned much.

Dustin and Nanor learning how to operate the Mill.
Dustin and Nanor learning how to operate the Mill.

Lousaper and Arpi, from CNC Lathe, worked under Mr. Black to learn how to operate the Lathe. Besides some coolant leaks, the two did perfect.

Lousaper and Arpi operating the Lathe.
Lousaper and Arpi operating the Lathe.

The full Prototype team, Meetkumar, Lauren, Karin, and Devon, all continued prototyping the flywheel.Working together, they were able to cut out more pieces from wood slates.

Lauren and Karim drilling into wood.
Lauren and Karin drilling into wood.

Working together, they were able to cut out more pieces from wood slates.

The wood that Prototype team was cutting and drilling.
The wood that Prototype team was cutting and drilling.

Eden, of Welding, practiced welding a 16 in. box-tube using fillet welds and flat welds. He and Roupen also helped out the Prototype team with their flywheel.

Welding and Prototype team working together.
Welding and Prototype team working together.

Over on Programming, John continued his autonomous coding of the QHR program, and Daniel worked on the logger. Jake was able to reprogram the hood-slider on QHR. And Bhavin kept on coding SnapDragon from essentially scratch.

Jacob and Yerine, both on Matlab or Simulation team used Matlab to code in the football’s drag. This is part of their project, the mapping of a football’s trajectory.

Yerine and Jacob hard at work using Matlab software.
Yerine and Jacob hard at work using Matlab software.

And finally, what we’ve all been waiting for. THE LEADERS.

First we have our magnanimous President. The one, the only, Mika! She extended herself to all the teams to help out with their tasks. However, she spent a hefty time assisting the Prototype team in their endeavors.

Our two wonderful leaders putting their minds together to problem-solve issues.
Our two wonderful leaders putting their minds together to problem-solve issues.

And of course there’s also our altruistic Vice-President, Alexander! He, in his greatness, helped out CAD with all of their work and problems. Alexander also continued his own work on an elevator design on Autodesk.

Mr. Black helped out the CNC Lathe team by teaching them the operations of the Lathe.

A little over halfway through the workday, manna from heaven found its way to us. And by this, I mean we were given doughnuts. We all washed our hands before and after of course, and we exercised proper food protocol in the lab. Boy was it delicious.

Sipan enjoying a delectable doughnut. When asked if it was sweet-bread he was eating, he responded with "Sí, pan."
Sipan enjoying a delectable doughnut. When asked if it was sweet-bread he was eating, he responded with “Sí, pan.”

The lab closed around 8:15. While it was actually clean, the faint aroma of doughy goodness still lingered.

10/16/15 – Friday – Transitions

As October transitions to the spooky Halloween side of the month, the work in robotics transitions from easing into our respective jobs to being expected to complete our tasks perfectly with maximum efficiency. Of course, those new to robotics still fail at times, but they aren’t given any special treatment as they’re just as capable as the robotics’ veterans.

During the meeting that consistently takes place prior to the teams splitting apart to work, the Golden Wrench Award went to the CNC Lathe team. Lousaper proudly received her team’s award.

Lousiper presenting the CNC Lathe's Golden Wrench Award with a wide smile.
Lousiper presenting the CNC Lathe’s Golden Wrench Award with a wide smile.

Chris R. was left all by his lonesome on the Animation team, and he continued to learn how to operate 3DS Max.

Chris R. performing exercises on 3DS Max
Chris R. performing exercises on 3DS Max

On Simulation Yerine and Jacob continued their Matlab work. Yerine was taught the details of their project and ODE from Jacob. Their mentor, Jim Stone, had Yerine and Jacob review Matlab as well.

Yerine and Jacob hard at work on Matlab.
Yerine and Jacob hard at work on Matlab.

Armand and Chris H. of Media spent the day organizing photos and videos. This is not a simple task as there are hundred of files to look through.

Luke and Josiah from Web finished up their interviews. Luke then edited the 696 website, fixing bugs and adding new events with additional information. Josiah and Luke also helped Media sort through pictures and videos.

Josiah and Luke helping Chris H. organize photos and videos.
Josiah helping Chris H. organize photos and videos.

CAD members Claire and Anthony K. created an intake using Inventor. Sipan, another member, continued to work on his drive train and was able to create an assembly for the Fall robot update using Inventor.

Clair and Anthony K. working on Inventor.
Clair and Anthony K. working on Inventor.


Over on CAM, James and Jonna created the tool path on Inventor, sending it over for the CAD team. James also plasma-cut four parts for later use.

James helping Jonna on her tool path.
James helping Jonna on her tool path.

Business team received a new member by the name of Arvin. Sound familiar? If so, that’s because he started on Simulation, but after considering how he could better suit the team’s needs as a whole, it was decided to place him into Business, where he spent his first official day canvassing the shirts for the room.

Andrea showing Arvin how to properly canvass the shirts.
Andrea showing Arvin how to properly canvass the shirts.

Anna organized the robotics drive and went over press relations. Nicole continued her work on the brochure and Andrea performed light bulb accounting.

Nicole creating and editing the brochure.

Programming member Jake continued making the robot controls on the remote as logical as possible, and he tried to get the hood slider on QHR to work. Daniel spent his time getting the router on the robot to function so the robot could connect via remote. Bhavin wrote the code for Snap Dragon to work from a controller and he mapped the functions and parts of Snap Dragon.

Programming team hard at work...programming.
Programming team hard at work…programming.

Roupen and Eden of Welding helped out prototype team while Eden also practiced welding and preparing his final part for his presentation.

Eden and Roupen assisting the Prototype team in their creation of a flywheel.

Lauren, Karin, Meetkumar, and Devon – the Prototype team – continued their hard work on the flywheel. They surpassed the initial design aspect and moved on to cutting parts of wood for the product.

Prototype team outlining where to cut the wood for their flywheel.
Prototype team outlining where to cut the wood for their flywheel.

Dustin, the only member present on CNC Mill, worked under the guidance of Mr. Black testing different probe procedures on the Mill.

Mr. Black showing Dustin how to properly operate the CNC Mill.
Mr. Black showing Dustin how to properly operate the Mill.

CNC Lathe member Lousaper helped out the prototype team with their flywheel.

Mika, our beloved president worked with business on their spreadsheets; explaining anything they didn’t get and assisting them in the tougher parts. She also did her presidential duty of making sure the lab was properly cleaned and that every member remained safe.

Alexander, our benevolent vice-president worked with both CAM and CAD teams. He assisted them in their separate projects. And, of course, he helped the rest of the teams in any way he could.

Alexander helping out Sipan of CAD.
Alexander helping out Sipan of CAD.

Mr. Black helped Dustin of CNC Mill work on the Mill.

The lab closed shortly after 7:30, sparkling clean and still humming from the day full of efficient work.

10/9/15 – Friday – Minimum Day

Once more, that time of the week had finally arrived – Friday. It’s on Fridays that we get to go to Robotics club, and this Friday was no exception. However, unlike other Fridays, this day was also a minimum day at school. This means that school ends at 12:50 instead of 3:00.

With the early ending of school, Robotics started at 1:30 and would end around 6:00. As the school didn’t offer lunch during the day, Robotics club had pizza available for any students that wanted it. Many members took this kind offer up, and enjoyed delicious pizza from the time of 12:50 until 1:30. After that, we all helped clean the lab up and set off to work.

Before getting to work, the Friday meeting took place. After the tasks were assigned, the Golden Wrench Award went to rookie-welder, Eden Morris. Blushing with gratitude, Eden graciously accepted the award with tears in his eyes.

Eden modestly showcasing his award.
Eden modestly showcasing his award.

With Fall-training in full motion, all teams were busy with their individual training and work.

On Business, Andrea and Nicole were busy setting up the shirts onthe walls, and Andrea was also being taught how to print vinyl signs. Annam teaching Andrea how to print vinyl signs, was herself printing vinyl signs for the lab. And Arvin, a possible new Business member, was working on a sample press releases and researching entrepreneur awards for the team.

Anna printing out vinyl sign for lab.

Luke and Josiah of Web Design were both finishing up team interviews.

Josiah conducting interviews.

Due to working separately, they were able to conduct interviews faster, quite the smart tactic for a large team like ourselves.

Luke conducting interviews.

For the Media team, Armand was the only member present. He spent the day sorting files for later use.

James of CAM made G-code for the CNC to be able to pocket a one-by-two box-tube. His team rookie, Jonna, tested the G-code to check for mistakes. The two of them synchronize flawlessly such that they work like parts of a fully functional robot.

Jonna and James working on the G-code.

Chris R. and Anthony C. worked harder than any other day on 3ds Max. These two members of Animation were creating characters on the software to learn how to work their software the best.

Programming team member John worked on the autonomous coding using QHR while Jake finished configuring the robots to be controlled manually by a remote. While they did this, Daniel created and worked on the logger, which would log the information from the robot. Bhavin developed Snap Dragon’s code, which is essentially all of the robot’s functions. Their mentor Dr. Clouse oversaw these operations while catching up on ChiefDelphi.com, which is the FRC website forum for updates on information regarding Robotics.

Bhavin working on Snap Dragon’s code.

Roupen and Eden, members of Welding helped Prototype team with building a flywheel. This will later be used to launch basketballs.

Eden searching for tools to work on flywheel with.

Meetkumar, Lauren, Karin, and Devon – all members of Prototype – spent the day designing and building a flywheel. They received help from the Welding team.

Prototype and Welding team brainstorming flywheel design.

Mika, the supreme President of Robotics explained what mechanisms were and what prototype requirements were expected from the Prototype and Welding teams for their flywheel. She also consulted the 80-20 manual to locate what parts need to be ordered. And, of course, she made her rounds to check in on the sub-teams.

Mika teaching Prototype and Welding teams (and Alexander) on what a flywheel is and its function.

Alexander, our equally supreme Vice-President of Robotics helped out the CAD team with their Fall-training and their drive-train designs. He also assisted Mika with the 80-20 manual and designed a flywheel for later application.

Alexander assisting CAD team.

On CAD, Mikia studied Inventor software while Claire and Anthony K. designed a gearbox on Inventor. Sipan spent the time designing a drive-train on inventor.

Claire and Anthony K. working on gearbox.

CNC Lathe and Mill students Dustin, Nanor, Lousaper, and Arpi learned the basics of operating the CNC Lathe under the mentorship of Mr. Black. They even got to make their own custom part using the Lathe.


Custom part created by CNC Lathe and Mill teams working with Mr. Black.
Custom part created by CNC Lathe and Mill teams working with Mr. Black.

Dustin says “it’s pretty neat.” One important lesson all of them will definitely take away from this experience will be to always check the coolant nozzle so it doesn’t spray the operators.

Mr. Black teaching CNC Mill and Lathe teams on operating the Lathe.

Simulation member Jacob wrote a program to animate the trajectory of a football using MatLab. With help from his mentor Jim Stone, he also developed the standardized procedures for file management. He also established the goals of Simulation team.

Simulation team working on MatLab.

Mr. Black spent the hours helping CNC Mill and Lathe teams. Once they moved on to other work, he went to his computer to conduct Robotics work and answering emails.

Mr. Black hard at work on his computer.

Last but not least, Samuel – member of Photography and of Blogging – spent the day taking and sorting pictures and getting material for this very blog you’re reading.

Samuel Witt, lead photographer and blogger looking dashing.

The lab was closed around 7:00, another successful day that should make all members of Robotics proud.