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1/14/16 – Thursday – Roosevelt Presentation and Wilson Legos

Clark members Anna and Daniel went with Mr. Black to Roosevelt Middle School at 9:45. While there, they showed off Snapdragon in action to the students. Afterwards, Mr. Dall gave a wondrous presentation on why Clark Magnet High School is a good school to go to. The Clark students returned to school at 12.

Some members also traveled down to Lincoln Elementary School. Jonna, Lauren, Luke, and Samuel went with Maggie Рa Clark student Рto assist the Lincoln Lego Robotics in their tasks. Heading down a little after 2:20, the members returned at 4:00.

Robotics’ members helping out Lincoln kids.

It was around 6:15 that mentor Mariam accompanied Alexander, Mika, and Anthony K. along with Robotics’ Alumni Armand T. left Clark with Mr. Black to go to the Roosevelt Parents’ presentation that our principal Mr. Dall led.

Armand T. showing Mariam how to work a certain video-camera.

The presentation went off without a hitch, and was a spectacular success. It ended after 7:30.

Robotics members standing by Mr. Black and Mr. Dall during the presentation for the parents.

1/13/16 – Wednesday – Toll Presentation

Mika, Alexander, Jonna, and Alexander K. traveled to Toll Middle School at 9:45 to assist in a presentation. Upon arriving, they helped get Snapdragon into the auditorium where Mr. Dall was going to present to the Toll students. After Robotics members drove around Snapdragon for a little to inspire the students Mr. Dall began the presentation on why they should consider going to Clark Magnet High School. The Robotic members would return back to Clark at 12:00.

1/12/16 – Tuesday – Wilson Presentation

Clark students and Robotics members Samuel, Lauren, Anna, and Mika left Clark for Wilson Middle School at 1:55. Mr. Dall gave a very heart warming speech, utilizing the Robotics members and their robot – Snapdragon.

Mr. Dall voicing all the pros of going to Clark Magnet High School.

After some Wilson students talked with the Robotics members about getting in to Clark, they left the amphitheater in awe and shock, feeling that Clark might be the right choice for them. But this wasn’t where the Robotics members left, no, they stayed for the parent presentation at 6:30.

Excited Wilson students asking Anna questions about Clark and Robotics.

They used the precious time between presentations to plan out the coming week and to discuss what was needed to succeed as a team.

Robotics members discussing the future schedule.

The parent presentation mirrored the student presentation, but targeted towards parents of viable Clark students. This assembly lasted until 7:30, at which point the Robotics members packed up to leave.

1/8/16 – Friday – Rosemont Presentation

Select Robotics members Lauren,  Anna, and Daniel accompanied Mr. Black down to Rosemont Middle School this day. Leaving Clark at around 9:45, they were to help Mr. Dall present to 8th graders in the school gym about why they should consider Clark as their High School.

Mr. Dall talking with the Rosemont students.

Mr. Dall, principal of Clark Magnet High School, gave a presentation to the Rosemont students. This presentation included videos and student works.

Mr. Black giving a beautiful speech to the possible Clark sudents.

Throughout this performance, the Robotics members drove around Snapdragon to show a little of what Robotics does at Clark.

Snapdragon demonstrating its elegant ball-throwing ability.

Lauren, Anna, and Daniel returned back to Clark at 12:00.

11/20/15 – Friday – Presentations

The day had finally arrived – Presentation Day! That time of Robotics season finally arrived, where every sub-team gets to present what it is they do for the club, with every member (present) participating. And it started right after the team photo.

Team 696 posing for an amazing group photo.

All teams spoke in front of their fellow members and mentors, being graded and questioned after each presentation. The whole process took approximately four hours from 3:00 to 7:00, with a brief break in the middle.

Mentors diligently grading presenters.

The audience were very polite of course, maintaining silence during the presentations and applauding at the end of each one.

Amazingly polite and great audience.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…the pictures of our wonderful teams conducting their presentations.

Eden and Roupen of Welding.


Luke of Web.


Jacob and Yerine of Simulation.


Karin, Devon, Meetkumar, and Lauren of Prototype.


Daniel, Bhavin, John, and Jake of Programming.




Nanor and Dustin of CNC Mill.


Jake and Jonna of CAM.


Mikia, Alexander, Anthony K., Claire, and Sipan of CAD.


Anna, Nicole, Arvin, and Andrea of Business.


Samuel of Blogging and Photography – looking like a super awesome dude, because he totally is.


Animation team members Anthony C. and Christopher.